Tuesday, April 18, 2006

Triple Crown for Pujols?

Albert Pujols is in a league of his own. He seems bigger and better than anyone else in the game. Alex Rodriguez has put up the numbers for a decade and could ultimately challenge Aaron, but he can look vulnerable. Pujols never looks vulnerable. Will this be the year that he owns the Triple Crown?

In fourteen games, Pujols has ten homers and twenty RBI. Both lead the league. He is batting .364, and although it's early, there is too much history to believe that Pujols can't keep up this pace.

Pujols has walked fourteen times and struck out only five. His on base average is over .500. What we are seeing is an amazing baseball player.

It doesn't seem as if the Cardinals are as good as in the past two years. But with big Albert in the lineup, they will never be out of it.

Another team that doesn't look impressive is the Yankees. Despite the fact that the team is batting well, the pitching looks uninspiring and after a couple of good starts, Randy Johnson got knocked around tonight.

Giambi has handled the post-steroids transition really well. He took his lumps, got ill, most likely due to his stupidity, and has rebounded nicely. Giambi has already walked twelve times and has a .543 on base average to go along with his .343 batting average.

Giambi's teammate, Derek Jeter is also off to a great start. Batting second and behind Damon and Cano gives Jeter lots of RBI opportunities and he currently leads the team with thirteen.

Looking back to a former entry, some of the Fan's predictions seem unfortunately to be on target. Jeff Conine is 3 for 27 for the season with two homers and a double. He has yet to hit a single.

Houston's Biggio has also started slowly as has Eddie Guardado. It's hard to watch good players get old. And Mr. Bonds looks the oldest of the bunch.