Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Game Picks - Tuesday: July 12, 2011

Yes, there is a game today. You know...the All Star Game? This Fan was so messed up yesterday by there being no games that he didn't write anything at all. There was a flickering thought of picking the winner of the Home Run Derby. But that would have been sort of dumb. But it's too bad that this picker didn't do it because Robinson Cano would have been the pick.

So which league is going to win the All Star Game? The National League is on a bit of a roll with it with their win last year and the win in the World Series. But if Tuesday's Home Run Derby showed anything, it showed that the AL has the better sluggers. The AL line up is serious wham up. The NL has better pitching starting with Roy Halladay and moving on down the line. The two best starters in the AL won't be pitching (C. C. Sabathia and Justin Verlander). The question is, do you go with the pitching since they say that good pitching always beats good hitting? Or do you go with the packed line up that the AL throws up there?

Okay, here's the pick:

  • The American League over the National League: Jared Weaver will need to get the AL off to a good start and pitch well. If he does, the AL will eventually score enough runs to win it.

Sunday: 8-7
Week: 8-7
Month: 77-67
Season: 731-629
Games of the Day: 65-37

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