Thursday, June 14, 2012

BBA Linkfest - No general June swoon

The baseball season is in the middle of its third month but there is no swoon among the writers that make up the General Chapter of the Baseball Bloggers Alliance. As we like to do here in the FanDome every Thursday, here is a list of links to some of the best work done by these terrific writers over the last week. Give a click and post some comments. We would all appreciate you doing that. Here we go:

We have to start with Eugene Tierney of 85% Sports because he easily has the post of the week. This week Tierney created a draft signing tracking post, which is a brilliant idea. Check it out!

You might be sick of this compiler saying this, but Stevo-sama writes the best game recaps ever. And this one includes the Durham Bulls! How cool is that? Check it out at his The Baseball Enthusiast site.

Alex Rodriguez tied Lou Gehrig's major league record for grand slams in a career. Baseball Unrated was not impressed

FH celebrates Matt Cain's perfect game in style over at his Baseballism site. What an amazing event it was too.

Love this next post. Justin Jabs of Baseblog tabulated Cardinal players on their bobblehead days. What a fun idea!

Call to the Pen has lots of great content this week. But what's new there, right? This compiler particularly liked Lew Freedman's post on a budding new rivalry.

Mario Salvini of Che Palle! reports on a cool thing the Brewers are doing for Italian Heritage Night. Love it. Don't get the heading though. Must have gotten lost in the translation.

Matt Whitener of Cheap.Seats.Please. thinks the Pastime needs to get into the present. Could not agree more.

TheNaturalMevs had several great posts to choose from this week. The favorite was this post on R.A. Dickey. At Diamond Hoggers. And this compiler will be a guest on the Mevs' podcast tonight at 8:00. Check it out.

Dugout 24 gives us six tips on how to hit with two strikes against you. There's also a great picture of Ron Hunt. Loved that guy as a kid, so bonus points.

The OCP of For Baseball Junkies fame had a blast last night with baseball games around the majors. We can exult with him with this post.

Over at Full Spectrum Baseball, Dennis Lawson, or the guy this compiler used to call, "Grrr" or "Naz," has a great post on which team can claim the best fan base. Cool post, but let the arguments now begin.

The Baseball Index responds to some comments made by Bobby Valentine, who, by the way, finished second to Ozzie Guillen in a recent player poll of the least respected manager in baseball.

The one, the original Hall of Very Good has tons of his usual off-beat stuff this week. It was hard to decide a favorite as they were all entertaining. Went with this one on why Vlad Guerrero needs to find a job.

Theo of Hot Corner Harbor has a really cool summer gig lined up this year. He is deeply envied!

Has this compiler said audibly that the Left Field writing is loved? It just is. Want an example why? Check out his Part 2 of his West Coast adventure. Awesome.

There is a wonderful post over at Major League A**holes by pverniere on changes that should happen in baseball. Perfectly stated.

Over at Michael Holloway's Baseball Blogs, the author does a great job of showing how the team's defense sparkled in the Mariners' recent combined no-hitter.

Jonathan Mitchell of MLB Dirt writes eloquently about an exclusive statistical club that very few players will ever join. Great stuff!

Trying to pick a favorite post over at MLB Reports is sort of like trying to pick the best treat at a bakery. Going this week with a John Burns piece on what the Padres should do with Carlos Quentin.

Nik of Niktig's Baseball Blog posted his current MLB Power Rankings.

In the laugh out funniest post of the week, the great MTD pokes fun of Vlad Guerrero and his agent. Off Base Percentage. Still chuckling...

Old Time Family Baseball has one of the most perfect quotes about a baseball player ever. Too bad it's one of this compiler's favorite players. But then again, a fan favorite isn't always a peer favorite.

Matthew Mahaffey of The Pop Fly Boys came up with the perfect description for this year's Baltimore Orioles.

Bill of The Platoon Advantage had a simply wonderful post over there this week. Can't describe it. Just go.

Replacement Level Baseball Blog talks about the same old Bryce Harper in a great post.

Sully wonders if the Phillies are done. Always interesting ponderings happen at Sully Baseball.

Jesse McGrath of Through the Fence Baseball thinks that Matt Cain should have been in the spotlight long before his perfect game. Heartily agree!

Jonathan Dyer of the X-Log has some really cogent thoughts on the new Andre Ethier contract. Great stuff.

What a great week by our writers! Thanks to all of them for much entertainment provided for this humble compiler.  Have a great week, everyone!

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