Thursday, July 26, 2012

BBA Linkfest - General Olympics

Welcome to another round of links from around the General Chapter of the Baseball Bloggers Alliance. The heading honors the Olympics starting in London, but really has nothing much to do with a great bunch of baseball writers. The Olympics do not feel the same since growing up with them. For one, they are not on ABC where they belong. Secondly, there is no Jim McCay and frankly, if you've seen one floor routine in gymnastics, you've seen them all. But this compiler realizes that he might be spitting into the wind on this one. Anyway, sit right back, lift a hot beverage and click some links to terrific fare from our writers around the world.

We will go alphabetically again with the links, but start at the bottom of the alphabet and work backwards:

- There is always good stuff over at the X-Log. The Dan Plesac eyebrow piece was hysterical. But for more analytic stuff, the Bay Area's need for first basemen is covered by Jonathan Dyer.

- Jon Sumple of Through the Fence Baseball writes that Marlins fans should be rejoicing.

- Sully of Sully Baseball is a Red Sox fan. He writes their 2012 eulogy here.

- Remarkably, Bryan of Replacement Level Baseball Blog might have been watching the same game as Sully. Here is his take. Love the comment from Dan on the piece too.

- Over at The Platoon Advantage, The Common Man has some really strong words for fans of the Miami Marlins. Oh, and he thinks this compiler is a communist because of not liking pepperoni. Get over yourself. :)

- The recent wave of prospects for the Kansas City Royals brought some optimism this year only to see it go up in flames. Jeremy Sickel of the Pop Fly Boys writes that the next wave will be different. Hope he's right.

- Pablo Sandoval's injury reminded this compiler so much of the one Harmon Killebrew suffered in the All Star Game all those years ago. Anyway, Old Time Family Baseball wrote a one-act play about the event. By the way. OTFB is one of this compiler's favorite sites. But wouldn't it have been much cooler if the author had named it with "Tyme" instead of, "Time?"

- Matt Altemose writes about perfection in baseball over at Number One Baseball.

- Nik of Niktig's Baseball Blog has revised his predictions for the final outcome of the standings.

- The easy pick for the post of the week comes form Chuck Booth over at MLB Reports. His awesome piece researches the crap out of a real pioneer of baseball that not many people know about. You have to read this piece if you love the game of baseball.

- There is a reason why Octavio Dotel set a record for the most franchises ever played for: He's a very good relief pitcher. Jonathan Mitchell of MLB Dirt has the details.

- The San Francisco Giants are playing great baseball.'s pverniere breaks it down for us.

- This compiler looks forward every year to Left Field during that writer's annual trek to Cooperstown. His first-hand account of the day's events is fantastic.

- Somebody had to write Jason Kendall's baseball eulogy. Theo of Hot Corner Harbor took it upon himself and does a terrific job with it.

- Absolutely love this post and this is why The Hall of Very Good is a must stop on your baseball journey. Nevermind the details. Just go there.

- Mike Rosenbaum of The Golden Sombrero has a video of Albert Almora's first professional homer. What a shot!

- Patrick Hayes of Full Spectrum Baseball puts his bright spotlight on the season of Melky Cabrera. This site always has great content.

- The OCP of For Baseball Junkies fame writes a great piece on the recent Cole Hamels extension.

- Dugout 24 wants baseball and softball back in the Olympics. Yes!

- Diamond Hoggers' TheNaturalMevs sure is enjoying the recent run by the Reds, as well he should. But never mind about the brassiere.

- Matt Whitener calls the events that led to the signing of Cole Hamels a perfect storm. Check out why over at his Cheap.Seats.Please.

- Mario Salvini of Che Palle! has some inspirational stories from the Olympics. There is a baseball player in there too!

- Okay, the line, "Big boy pants," just slays this compiler. Can't stop laughing now. Go read more from Kyle Davis over at Call to the Pen.

- Chris Carelli takes a fascinating look at whether the new MLB wild card format is accomplishing its goals. Great piece over at The Baseball Stance.

- Baseball Unrated takes a look at the Hall of Fame case of Andruw Jones.

- Stevo-sama has a different kind of post this week over at his The Baseball Enthusiast site. Knowing him, you never want to miss one of his pieces.

- And last but not least, Russ Blatt of 85% Sports has a terrific piece on some Double-A affiliates that are in flux right now. Great ending to the links round up, Russ!

And also, a big and hearty congratulations to our new BBA president, Bill Ivie (@poisonwilliam), on his marriage to @cardschic , one of the sweetest baseball writers out there. Long life and much happiness to them both.

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