Monday, June 22, 2009

It's Disappointing

It's disappointing that:

- the Rangers don't seem capable of staying with the suddenly resurgent Angels. It would have been a great story.

- the Phillies might stink their way to the NL East pennant. Wasn't this supposed to be a good division?

- Joe Torre continues to overuse bullpens. This is the one knock on him as a manager and it has been a legitimate one and he's doing it again.

- Josh Hamilton has had a mostly lost 2009. What's even more disappointing is people stating that his injuries are due to his drug misuse. That's bunk.

- Derek Jeter has really improved his lateral defense and is in the middle of the pack of shortstops in fielding stats and then goes and gets a bum ankle.

- Greinke couldn't remain god-like. He's been merely very good lately.

- Halladay got a bad wheel. He is too much fun to watch to have any lost time.

- That Pedro Martinez is either too stubborn and proud, or just not good enough any more.

- Endy Chavez got hurt so badly. He's been fun to watch. Maybe being a major leaguer with the name of Chavez isn't a good idea.

- David Ortiz is starting to hit. It was too fun a story to have to let it go.

- Gil (ga) Meche is so unpredictable. Can't get a right pick from the guy at all.

- More managers haven't been fired. Cleveland and Kansas City could both use a change.

- The Red Sox look uncatchable.

- Jason Varitek doesn't get any flack for not catching Wakefield.

- Peter Gammons doesn't write as much as he used to.

- Names are slowly leaking from that list of 103 names. Either release them all or stop the slow flow. It's not fair.

- Nobody like Babe Ruth could exist today.

- The Braves treated their best three Hall of Fame pitchers so poorly.

- The Fan was so wrong about Brad Ausmus. The guy really can hit after all.

- It takes the Yankees to come to town to bring fans out to see the Marlins play. They are a fun team to watch.

- Fans can continue to vote for Jimmy Rollins as the All Star shortstop when he is batting .220. One would hope that fans would be smarter than that.

- A guy as likeable as Tony LaRussa could win 2500 games in his career.

- People, including Joe Morgan, think Juan Pierre is a good player now. Just give it time, folks.

- Steve Phillips is still on ESPN's telecasts.

- That there hasn't been a hidden ball trick in ages.

- The Reds can't hit, especially at the top of the order.

- The Padres have to have three regulars in their Sunday lineup with batting averages below .200, and that does not include the pitcher.


Anonymous said...

Ortiz was drafted 12th in my Sportsline fantasy league. He was waived three weeks ago and I snagged him for my bench. Guess who got the green light this for this week? He is going to start putting up serious numbers at the back of the order and makes a great utility flier.

Although patience is not a strong suit of mine, you can't give up on the biggest clutch hitter in Red Sox history after two months. This guy deserves much more. I am proud of the Red Sox organization for sticking with him.

Why should Tek take heat for not catching Wakefield? I mean, the Sox pulled him out of the bargain bin this year (I can already see your tears when Mauer signs with us in 2011) and he is in the age range where he is going to have to sit at least once a week. It is not like there is a game to call with Wake anyway. Beyond his sneaky "fastball" it is a crap shoot that depends on the wind and humidity. Ok, I'll bottom line it. He is too old to catch Wakefield.

p.s. I miss the hidden ball trick! I think base coaches are just too smart these days and keep the runners aware.

Josh Borenstein said...

Yunel Escobar should have got some All-Star consideration for SS.

Meche pisses me off, too. For Fantasy reasons. One week he's lights out. The next he gives up 9 earned runs. I think the pitch count of the complete game did him in.