Saturday, June 27, 2009

Umpires In Trouble for Replay?

Perhaps you have read this story about the umpires in the Philadelphia/Tampa Bay game on Wednesday night using replay to figure out if there was fan interference on a double hit by Pat Burrell. The umpires for the game, led by Gary Cedarstrom (the crew chief), were rebuked by the league for an improper replay. Only disputed homers are supposed to be reviewed by replay.

Cedarstrom apologized for the confusion. Despite the apology, Cedarstrom is a new Fan hero. This observer thinks replay should be expanded as much as possible and the Fan says, "Three Cheers!" to Cedarstrom for his audacity to want to get a call correct. Heaven knows, we wouldn't want the correct call to happen, would we?

There are so many decent applications for the use of replay. Cedarstrom's decision is one of them. The trap call is another one. Did the outfielder trap it or did he catch it? Don't know for sure? Call it safe and look at the replay.

There are many more. But the point here is that the league is afraid of messing too much with tradition and the old way of doing things. To which, the Fan humbly says, "Bah Humbug!" Us old timers will deal with it if it doesn't mean fifteen minute delays. The point is to get the call correct.

So here's to you, Mr. Cedarstrom. The Fan raises a Cherry Coke in your honor.

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