Friday, January 09, 2009

Ugh! ESPN Writers Publish Their HOF Vote

How disappointing! See here. And the hero...Peter Gammons...picks Jack Morris but not Tim Raines or Burt Blyleven. Ouch! The only writer whose votes matched the Fan's (if he had a vote) was Brendan Roberts. Who the heck is Brendan Roberts?? Never heard of him. But if he is this smart, he will be worth investigating.

Many of the ballots listed are embarrassing. Truly embarrassing.


Anonymous said...

Take another look. I see that Peter Gammons voted for both Blyleven and Raines.

Lee Jones said...

Take another look. From here, Gammons voted for both Blyleven and Raines.

William said...

Thank goodness my middle-aged eyes deceived me. I feel better, thanks!