Saturday, March 07, 2009

This Week on the Transaction Wire

A fairly slow week on the transaction wire this week. A few familiar names Manny, Nomar and Orlando. Besides those well known names, there were only a few others. But undaunted, here we go:

- After the A's brought in two of those infielders listed above, A's infielder, Yung-Chi took it on the Chen and had to go to AAA since there was Nomar room for him.

- To the relief of Manny, the long and drawn out negotiations between the Dodgers and Ramirez are finally over.

- The Giants' pitching staff lost some K's as Kelvin Pichardo and Keiichi Yabu were sent down to Fresno. The latter reminds the Fan of Fred Flinstone selling Brylcreem as only a little Yabu dab'll do ya.

- In other Giants news, outfielder Dave was released. Maybe Mr. Roberts can go to Washington after all. It's really cheap to use the same line two weeks in a row, but what can the Fan do on a slow week?

- A pitcher named Gallardo needed a translator to help finalize his one year contract. Finally, after listening to the two speaking in a foreign language, a frustrated General Manager yelled in frustration: "Yovani sign a contract?"

- Speaking of GMs, in Washington, one had his head Bowdened down and resigned.

- Apparently his head has stopped spinning long enough, so Mr. Koskie will Corey his luggage to the Cubs camp as he signed a minor league deal.

- The Cardinals signed a pitcher named Harris to a minor league contract. This deal might not mean much because if you haven't seen Harris pitch, you did not Mitch much.

That's it! It's good that we were able to Cruz through that so quickly as the Fan Juans to get to some other stuff.

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Josh Borenstein said...

Clever, as usual.