Friday, July 17, 2009

Odds and Ends from Thursday Night

Ah! Baseball is back and it's already been interesting. It's possible that this Fan is a baseball dork. Can't help it. New things happen every day. Fresh games full of possibilities occur nightly and except for the slow Mondays and Thursdays, there are fifteen new reasons to find out what's going on every day.

The Fan's been watching the Yahoo MLB page while putting some hard cover books together. When there isn't time to watch a game, Yahoo does a clean job of refreshing constantly and showing what's going on. Some major sites don't even refresh. No names will be mentioned, but one of them has been featured here as having the worst webmasters in the known universe.

And even though there were only nine games scheduled, there was plenty to smile about and wonder about. Such as:

- As predicted here, the Home Run Derby champ did hit a homer off of Homer Bailey. It was just too good symmetry not to come true. Bailey was awful. He walked four and gave up six hits in five and a third.

- Jamie Moyer. Man. What can you say? The guy is just unfathomable. He pitched seven innings of shut out ball and only gave up one hit. One hit. The guy is almost as old as the Fan and couldn't knock over one of those arcade monkeys and yet he one-hits big leaguers for seven innings. How? The Fan keeps predicting against him and he keeps making the Fan look like a moron.

- Oliver Perez pitched for the Mets tonight against the Braves. He pitched six innings, gave up five hits and walked four and left with a 3-3 tie. In today's game of low pitcher expectation, that qualifies for a quality start, no? Seems rather pedantic to the Fan. But the Mets lost anyway since they can't hit with their AAA fill ins.

- Cliff Lee "scattered" nine hits over nine full innings to beat the Mariners. Immediately after the game, the Indians' GM's phone started ringing again and he kept saying no. The Fan noticed that Sizemore is back to leading off. Why? The guy is an RBI machine. Put in third in the order and leave him there for Pete's sake. Equally confusing is why the Mariners continue to bat Branyon second in the order. The guy is the big stud in that lineup. Why bat him second? By the way, not too many people have noticed that Travis Hafner has an OPS of .944. Isn't that Comeback Player of the Year stuff? Of course, he's only played in half of the Indians' games.

- The Cubbies got off to a good start for the second half with a good game from Harden. The Fan has to admit he didn't see that coming. Lannon pitched well again for the Nats but Harden was better. Adam Dunn did what he tends to do from time to time. He had four plate appearances and never hit the ball. He struck out three times and walked once.

The late games will have to wait until morning as the Fan is done tuckered out today.

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Josh Borenstein said...

At this point, my vote would go to Scotty Pods for AL Comeback Player of the Year. He has completely re-energized the White Sox.