Monday, October 12, 2009

Columbus Day

Columbus Day has become one of those nether holidays. Thanks to political correctness, we as a nation are somewhat embarrassed by the day. We won't go into politics or the America's aboriginal objection to the day. Suffice it to say that it is unique. It's another one of those holidays where some people have it off and some people don't Rob Neyer took the day off but Joe Posnanski did not. The Fan isn't talking about retail, hospital or other workers where no holidays really count. But for those who get holidays off, the banks are open and the post office is not. It's not even a holiday where sporting events are played during the day. The darn baseball playoffs have only one game scheduled and of course it starts at 8:07 Eastern Time. Heaven forbid those Philadelphia kids who go to school tomorrow get to stay up to watch their team. Thank you, Bud Selig. Good job.

Personally, the Fan wouldn't want to get rid of the day. For one thing, the Fan's wife gets the day off and the Fan likes when that happens. Having her sit on the couch while the Fan lays out another book is a nice feeling. But it's more than that. Without this holiday and the man it celebrates, there would be no Columbus Clippers, that storied AAA franchise. Our nation's capital would be the District of Eric or Leaf or something. And maybe the Fan does want to get into the politics of it after all.

We are the only nation of conquerors that feels bad about our conquests. Do the Russians feel guilty? What about the Minnesota Vikings? Wouldn't all practicing Catholics object to that name considering all the plundering of churches and killing of priests those rowdy bunches of pillagers performed? Germany doesn't feel guilty about their ancient history when all those Germanic tribes overran Europe and displaced those peoples. But in the end, the Fan supposes that it is better to be sensitive than insensitive. After all, the Fan is sure that the Yankees feel slightly bad for the Twins they just destroyed in the playoffs, right?

Anyway, that's just a couple of thoughts that were rolling around the brain on this non-holiday like holiday. If you have it off, enjoy it as guilt free as you can. If you are working, then feel free to not feel guilty at all since you don't get any benefit of the day anyway.

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