Thursday, December 24, 2009

Holiday "Wishes"

It's probably too late to be making this list since it is Christmas Eve. You've got to give Santa a little more time than this. So let's instead make this a New Years wish list which better suits those of my readers that do not celebrate Christmas anyway. What follows then is a list of wishes for the new year.

The Fan wishes:

  • That Bobby Cox can finish out his Atlanta career with a playoff appearance.
  • The Cubs would make a managerial and general manager change because they are way off course.
  • The Blue Jays have a breakout season from one of their new prospects to take the sting away from Halladay.
  • The Royals make a leadership change because what they have isn't working.
  • Zack Greinke has another outstanding year.
  • Derek Jeter would get 200 more hits.
  • Matt Holliday stays with the Cardinals so Pujols get something to hit once in a while.
  • Hideki Matsui has a very good year. Thanks again, Godzilla.
  • The Bay Rays finish higher in the standings than the Red Sox.
  • Junior Griffey hits higher than .270
  • Adrian Beltre has a terrific year. He played gamely with no shoulder for half a season and deserves it.
  • David Wright would have a bounce back season power-wise.
  • The Rangers or Mariners win the AL West.
  • The Pirates or someone like them has a breakout season with more than 81 wins.
  • Barry Zito would win 20 games and put an end to the miserable sniping about his contract.
  • Someone would hit 75 homers in the post-PED era (supposedly).
  • Strasberg would turn out to be the real deal for the Nationals.
  • Kerry Wood has a good season.
  • Matt Wieters becomes the player the hype predicted.
  • Francisco Cervelli gets a chance to be the next Posada at the plate (he's already better behind it).
  • Some old veteran would come out of the woodwork and put up an amazing season. Dontrelle?
  • Joe Torre would get to one more World Series.
  • Jason Marquis wins 15 or more games with the Nats.
  • Scott Feldman would prove that 2009 wasn't a fluke.
  • Josh Hamilton would come back strong professionally and personally.
  • Burt Blyleven would get elected to the Hall of Fame.
  • Mark McGwire would get elected to the Hall of Fame
  • Fred McGriff would get elected to the Hall of Fame.
  • Tim Raines would get elected to the Hall of Fame.
  • Roberto Alomar would get elected to the Hall of Fame.
  • Grady Sizemore has a strong comeback season.
  • Mariano Rivera has one more good year. Couldn't bear to see him finally show his age.
  • Peter Gammons is more accessible on MLB than he was on ESPN.
  • The Brewers would have a monster year so we could see Fielder and Braun on national television more often.
  • Dan Uggla is traded and forced to move off of second base.
  • Joey Votto has another good year with no emotional issues.
  • Edinson Volquez and Johnny Cueto can finally figure out how to be consistently awesome.
  • Ozzie Guillen would have one meltdown too many.
  • Adam Lind would has another great season.
  • Wandy Rodriguez wins 20 games this coming season.
  • Both Joba and Phil Hughes have good seasons.
  • All of New York falls in love with Granderson's smile.
  • Roy Halladay wins 25 games.

Here's hoping all of your wishes come true this holiday season. Enjoy and be safe.

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Josh Borenstein said...

I would love to see the Rangers or Mariners win the AL West for a change. I'm tired of the Angels. I'd also like to see Griffey go out on a good note. I hope he has a better season than '09, but I'm not holding my breath.