Wednesday, January 06, 2010

Holy Horse Poop - Only Dawson Gets In

The results are in and man, were they disappointing. The only player voted into the Hall of Fame was Andre Dawson. Andre Dawson!? Well...congratulations to him. He was a marginal pick at best, but he's in there. He follows Jim Rice as two marginal HOF recipients in two years.

Tim Raines only received 51% of the vote. What!? Preposterous. Roberto Alomar will have to wait for his second year of eligibility. He got close and just missed. Mark McGwire still only received 23% of the votes. What a travesty. And poor Bert Blyleven received 74.2% of the votes. He missed out by five votes and will have to wait again until his fourteenth year of torture. reported that five ballots came in blank. Those knuckleheads should lose their votes. Tim Brown only voted for Alomar. That's a good vote, but if that's all he voted for, he's a sad sack of a picker. Alomar probably fell victim to the "sanctity" of the first year of eligibility. That's a joke and idiotic. Don't feel too bad for him because he'll get in. But for Raines and Blyleven and McGwire, only Blyleven has a chance next year and that's pathetic.

They say youth is wasted on the young. The last two HOF votes prove that writing talent is wasted all too often on the brainless.


eyebleaf said...

Holy horse poop, indeed.

Billy the Kid said...

I can't believe it either. One inductee? That's going to make for one short induction ceremony!

Mcgwire should be in. The shame of it is that bonds will probably make it in before him.
Alomar should have been a first year. Yeah, he was a jerk(at least in public persona), but I remember watching him play, and he was one exciting, smart ballplayer. Heck, even the ump he spit on thinks he should have been in this year(believe it or not, they are now friendly).

And Raines? Was there any other reason to watch the expos? He should be in and it is a travesty that he isn't.

Great to see you posting more Fan.