Friday, March 05, 2010

The Giants Get Revenge. Oh Please.

Remember last year when Prince Fielder hit an extra-inning, walk-off homer against the Giants and the entire team did this fall to the thunder act when Prince jumped on home plate? Remember that? Apparently the Giants did because Barry Zito plunked Fielder in the back in a Spring Training game to show the Brew Crew that the act wasn't appreciated. Oh geez.

The best part of the story I heard was that after his "drilling," Fielder saucily picked up the ball and tossed it back to Zito. There are SO many things wrong with this story that it's actually a fun one. Let's list them shall we?

1. If you are going to get back at Fielder, shouldn't somebody that throws harder than Zito do it? Zito doesn't exactly throw bullets anymore.

2. Come on, Giants, where is your sense of humor? That stunt was one of the most fun and most endearing moments of 2009. It was a team building, fun experience that celebrated life in MLB baseball. If the average ballplayer lives 80 years and their MLB experience only lasts a quarter of that, shouldn't it be fun?

3. If you are going to hit Fielder, who is massive, what part of him would hurt if he was hit in the back? The ball probably suffered more damage than he did.

4. The Giants sure showed them upstart Brewers a thing or two about professionalism eh? Nice job, guys. You sure showed them how tough you are and how you play the game the right know, all that honor crap and stuff. While you're at it, maybe that cool Panda of yours can tuck in his shirt once in a while.

5. Which team did the stunt bring closer together, the Giants or the Brewers? By the tone of this post, you can probably guess the Fan's opinion.

6. Fielder's response showed two things: First, he's a class act and was just amused by the whole thing. Secondly, you can hit him all you want, the man is going to have his fun and more power to him.

7. It was a Spring Training game for crying out loud. Just what did that whole thing prove anyway?

8. Zito was probably acting on orders, so he gets a slight pass on this one. Which is good, because he has been the Fan's underdog for a few years now.

The Brewers were a mess a few years ago. They were a small franchise just on the edge of existence. They are drawing three million fans a year now. So this Fan hopes that they just keep on doing what they are doing and have a blast of a time doing it. This Fan is looking forward to the next fun moment from the guys in Milwaukee.

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