Friday, December 10, 2010

The Angels Signed Somebody!

There! Now doesn't that feel better? Reports are stating that Scott Downs has agreed to terms with the Angels on a three year, $15 million deal. The Angels who have often gone without a left-handed reliever for several seasons have now signed two this off season. Downs is a bit old to be given that much money as he is 35 and has pitched nine seasons in the big leagues. But he's a lefty, and in the major leagues, a lefty means forever.

But that's a bit unfair to Downs as he's been terrific the last few seasons. Since 2007, Downs has posted ERA+ figures of 207, 238, 144 and 158. And his strikeout to walk ratio has been well over three for the past two seasons. If downs can do that for at least two more seasons, this deal will pay for itself with his performance.

The bullpen was a major weakness for the Angels last year and with two good left-handed arms now in house, the Angels have added the kind of quality depth that makes for a good bullpen. Trust Mike Scioscia to figure out the best combination out there.

The Blue Jays, who are accumulating draft picks like McDonalds' Monopoly game cards, get two more now that Downs has signed outside of Toronto.

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