Friday, January 14, 2011

Come On, Andy! Quit Favre-ing Around

If Joe Girardi goes to personally pick you up, Andy Pettitte, at the airport if and when you finally decide to pitch one more year, then the comparison will be complete with the erstwhile Brett Favre. It's not that this writer is trying to sway you one way or the other. Just put us out of suspense already and decide what you are going to do. Need help, Andy? Let the Fan help you with that Pro/Con thing that is supposed to help you make a decision. First the reasons why you shouldn't come back.

  • You don't want to look like Brett Favre looked at the end of his season.
  • You don't want to be a distraction when the Roger Clemens trial begins this summer. You will be a star witness after all.
  • You will miss your family.
  • You have enough money.
  • You are sick of having to win the big games that the studs who make more money are supposed to win and don't.
  • One more 162 game schedule and all that travel.
  • You already have five rings.
  • You've won 240 games plus 19 post season games. What more do you have to do?
  • New York isn't your kind of town.
  • The left side of your infield is older than Methuselah.
  • The Red Sox are stacked this year.
  • Torn muscles hurt like heck.

Okay, those are the Cons, now for the Pros:
  • This is the best part of your life, the part you will always look back upon. You want to let it go already?
  • You showed last year you still have it.
  • 250 wins sounds better on the resume than 240.
  • Your left hand looks kind of empty with all those rings on the other hand.
  • $13 million. Duh!
  • Your kids will be fine. You're a good dad, they will survive this.
  • Wouldn't it feel good that you're still pitching and Roger isn't?
  • One last year with the Core Four?
  • If the Yankees don't make the playoffs, it will be your fault even if it isn't.
  • You sure look good in pinstripes.
  • You have the rest of your life to savor. One or two more years won't hurt. The Fan has to work until he is 69 or something.
  • The fans at home love you.
  • You have a great defensive outfield in a bad right-handed hitting park.
  • With all those relievers, you'll only have to pitch five innings...for $13 million...every fifth day. Gravy!
  • The Yankees didn't get Jeff Francis like the Fan told them to. The Fan hopes Francis wins 20 for the Royals.
  • Won't you get bored?

There are probably more on each of the pro and con sides of things. But honestly, decide what you will. But to retire that young just seems ridiculous to someone who has always dreamed about doing what you do. Obviously, you have gotten to the age and stage of your career where you call the shots. We get that. Just call them already an stop this almost daily speculation. It's tiresome. It's too much like Favre. Decide! Please.

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