Thursday, February 03, 2011

2011 Nonroster Invitees

Despite having a 40 man roster, most teams around MLB will invite 60 or so players to Spring Training. Among the invitees are highly regarded prospects that are given a chance to show what they can do at a big league camp. But there are also veterans and fringe players such as Mike Hoover, a 34 year old catcher who has found a way into forty major league games spread out over seven years.

It's a bit frustrating to have to search all over the Web to find out who the various teams are inviting. So as a service to you, faithful FanDome readers, what follows is a link list of the teams and their invitees. Unfortunately, the list isn't all-inclusive. But at least you can do some one stop shopping for many teams here. Here goes:

Boston Red Sox - Best chance to stick: Andrew Miller and Rich Hill

Philadelphia Phillies - Best chance to stick: Dane Sardinha and Dan Meyer.

Atlanta Braves - Best chance to stick: Rodrigo Lopez.

Pittsburgh Pirates and San Diego Padres - Found them on the same page. Not a complete list, but some notables. More Padres here.

Milwaukee Brewers - Mark DiFelice.

San Francisco Giants - This is a great post and gives a full run down.

Seattle Mariners - Another very good post.

Kansas City Royals - A nice rundown on the favorites.

Chicago Cubs - Brief but at least it's a list. Todd Wellemeyer among the favorites.

Washington Nationals - A good list.

Houston Astros - Very good and thorough post.

Cleveland Indians - Post and comment thread are fairly interesting..

Detroit Tigers - Not bad.

Florida Marlins - Just a couple mentioned.

Minnesota Twins - Color of the site makes it hard to read, but it's written well.

Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim on the West Coast of America on the North American Continent. Sorry. Can't help making fun of their stupid official name. It will be fun to see Trout. Not the fish. The player.

Cincinnati Reds - They stood pretty pat over the winter, so this is the only excitement there is.

There are a couple of teams missing. But at least you have a head start. Happy reading.

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