Thursday, March 03, 2011

One Word of Contrition Concerning the post

I had a lot of fun writing a guest post for today. I really appreciate the chance to cross-pollinate and am grateful to the folks over there for their gracious invitation. I'm pretty proud of the post with one exception.

At the end of the post, I seemed to be making a point that the Reds' projections are colored by opinions of Dusty Baker and the Phillies blowout in the playoffs last year. That comment was ill advised and should have been expanded to those who talk about the Reds' chances without statistical analysis. I am a big fan of the work done by and would never think that their algorithmic approaches are ever colored by personal opinion. Their unbiased opinion is why I spend my hard-earned money to be a member of that site. I know that they do the best they can do to stick to the numbers. So for that misconception that I might have implied, my apologies.

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