Thursday, October 06, 2011

BBA Link Fest - Life in General

Today is Thursday and that means it's another round of links from around the general chapter of the Baseball Bloggers Alliance. The Baseball Bloggers Alliance is a network of baseball writers from around the world sharing love for the greatest game on earth. The BBA is formed with multiple chapters. There are fantasy chapters, chapters of writers who follow specific teams, etc. The general chapter writes about the sport in a general, non-team-centric format.

Again this week, your host will split the links into posts about baseball and those posts that vote their official BBA votes for the various BBA awards that will be announced in the next few weeks. Enjoy.

Blaine Blontz over at Call to the Pen reports on Tom Ricketts' interview about the Cubs' future. Great stuff.

Old Time Family Baseball has a new award for the best dressed ball player. And you have a vote. Make your voice heard!

The newest member of our general chapter has the wonderfully quirky blog title of Grubby Glove. There is some terrific writing going on over there too. Check out this example.

Robbie Clark takes us through the hilarious world of failed mascots over at Baseblawg. You've got to see this one.

Over at The Ball Caps Blog, Daniel casts his convincing vote against an MLB salary cap. Gee, another fan who hates the Yankees.

John Sharp takes on Tom Verducci and wins in this writer's humble opinion. John writes John's Big League Baseball Blog.

The Platoon Advantage always has something good to read. This author's favorite this,  week was The Common Man's umpire ejection scorecard. Love it. Oh, and yours truly got a old fashioned (but good-natured) scolding over there. There's even a new statistic with your Fan's name on it. Heh.

Hey, you've got to do some self promoting sometimes. In case you missed it, here's a Fan piece over on MLB Dirt.

The Baseball Hall of Shame is a great site and keeps tabs of bad behavior by MLB players. Here's their take down of Jose Reyes.

Theo over at Hot Corner Harbor gives fans whose teams are out of the playoff picture a guide of who to root for. Great stuff. Also worth checking out is their off season regimens.

Diamond Hoggers loved the organist's choice of music last night at Chase Field. Great!

Here is a nugget from the always terrific MLB Reports.

And now for some award links:

For the most hilarious version, you've got to check out Off Base Percentage, this Fan's new must stop. Their managerial picks will keep you in stitches here and here.

John over at John's Big League Baseball Blog gives us his AL managerial picks.

Ken Marcum makes his managerial picks over at The Baseball Hall of Shame.

Hot Corner Harbor's Theo weighs in on a wide swath of our category awards. Well done!

Out in Left Field (love that name), we get votes on three of our awards. Nice!

Kenn Olson gives us his manager and rookie picks in one great post over at Going Yard.

Jonathan over at MLB Dirt gives us our rookie picks in the AL and NL.

Daniel over at The Ball Caps Blog (did the Fan mention he hates the Yankees?) has his rookie picks here.

Robbie Clark gives us her rookie and manager picks from her site, the Baseblawg.

Hans at Dugout 24 has his managerial and rookie picks too. The whole world loves baseball.

The Replacement Level Baseball Blog is comfortably ahead in this award process and this compiler sure does appreciate it.

Hopefully, nobody was forgotten. But with trade shows and late nights watching playoff baseball, this old guy is pretty bleary eyed right about now. Enjoy the links and have a great weekend.

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