Thursday, November 17, 2011

BBA Link Fest - General Foods for Thought

Welcome to another Thursday. Thursdays around here mean another trip around the Baseball Bloggers Alliance General Chapter and more links from this great group of colleagues. So get your mouse (or clicker or whatever) ready and off we go!

We'll start over at The Baseball Index where we find a post about the Houston Astros. The Astros have been in the news a lot lately. Unfortunately, the news is never about the actual team on the field. You get some here.

Over at Diamond Hoggers, TheNaturalMevs (will have to ask someday what that stands for) gives us a fine update on the pending MLB labor agreement.

The Golden Sombrero has been a great place to go lately with all their prospect breakdowns which are really well done. But in between those, this Fan really liked their slow motion breakdown of Tim Lincecum's delivery.

Old Time Family Baseball has been busy and their latest post concerns the next Brewers' utility player. OTFB is Zelous about baseball!

It's not a baseball post, but Left Field gives us the post of the week from the perspective of a Penn State alumni. It's a must read.

Sully of Sully Baseball doesn't thinks that Robin O'Connor was the biggest thief in San Francisco Giant history. Oh, that Sully.

When The Platoon Advantage has four great writers, it's always hard to pick a favorite post of the week. But this Fan loves nostalgia and Bill's new post about Tony Cloninger hit all the right notes.

Pro Sports Wrap is thrilled about the Dodgers tying up their center fielder.

Daniel over at The Ball Caps Blog has to be in hog heaven with all the uniform changes we've been seeing. He has his opinion of the Marlins' new cap this week.

For Baseball Junkies gives us the tale of two relief pitchers and keeps us hanging for the answer. Argh!

The Padres get far too little ink in national headlines. Through the Fence Baseball rectifies that some with a trade proposal in this great post.

The Hall of Very Good talks about the Cubs new manager. And proposes the next great blog name.

You need to read both halves of Grubby Glove's "What's Wrong With This Card" series. You really do.

Baseballism rings in with their opinion of the Jonathan Papelbon signing. The Fan's only question is whether the Fan will hate him as much on the Phillies.

Matt Whitener ponders the Cardinals' new manager. As usual, we get the Cheap.Seats.Please.

There is no big surprise in the AL Cy Young Award winner for Eugene Tierney over at 85% Sports. Nor should there be.

Sooze over at Babes Love Baseball is impressed with how wealthy Matt Kemp is going to be.

One of this Fan's favorite pieces of the week was posted the other day at Replacement Level Baseball Blog. Terrific read.

As the award start to roll out from MLB, Theo over at Hot Corner Harbor gives us his rational explanations for his picks. Good stuff.

MLB Dirt's heart and soul, Jonathan Mitchell, debates this Fan on Jeremy Hellickson. He's wrong of course.

Peter Stein over at MLB Reports wrote the ultimate Fantasy Baseball article on stolen bases. Wow!

This baseball Fan has certainly loved Blaine Blontz's Arizona Fall League Recaps over at Call to the Pen.

Ken over at The Baseball Hall of Shame has a great take on the Cardinals new manager.

Ryan Sendek is certainly impressive. Love his stuff. Of course it doesn't hurt that he supports some of the ideas this author has about what the Cardinals should do. Check out his post on Analysis Around the Horn.

Christopher Carelli is just as impressive as Sendek! What great new additions these guys are to the General Chapter. Carelli's latest over at The Baseball Stance is terrific.

Mario Salvini over at Che Palle! cheers the return of the cartoon Oriole. The Fan agrees.

Dugout 24, our other overseas baseball blog gives us a coaching drill on pitching effectively with a fastball.

Chris Papas of Number One Baseball gives us some off season notes.

That's a wrap! See you next time for the BBA Link Fest and have a good week.

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