Thursday, November 03, 2011

BBA Link Fest - Generally Exciting

Thursday is link day here at the FanDome. As a member of the Baseball Bloggers Alliance and couched nicely in the General Chapter, every Thursday the Fan brings you great writing from around the chapter. Enjoy the links and have a great weekend.

Mike Cardano over at the X-Log has already handed the St. Louis Cardinals the ESPY Award. Couldn't agree more.

Though the Fence Baseball thinks Theo Epstein made the right call in not considering Ryne Sandberg as a managerial candidate. Dan Kirby gives us the details.

The ever entertaining Sully would like to see Albert Pujols wearing Dodger Blue. Cardinal fans will probably turn white over this Sully Baseball post.

The Sports Banter does have great sports banter. But a feature this Fan loves is the Monday Mullet feature. This week's is Pete Incaviglia, one of this Fan's favorite legends.

J-Doug of Rational Pastime didn't post this graph on his own site, but it's worth a look to see just how improbable the Cardinals' run was this post season.

Pro Sports Wrap obviously has a healthy dislike for Jeff Passan. The Fan links, you judge (to borrow a Rob Neyer line).

The Common Man over at The Platoon Advantage missed some time for the birth of "the girl." But his writing is like riding a bike. He catches up here.

Old Time Family Baseball celebrates John Axford's mustache.

Number One Baseball congratulates the Cardinals and looks forward to the off season.

One of this Fan's favorte player Twitter follows is Steve Karsay, the former relief pitcher. MLB Reports caught up with Karsay and did a great profile. Great work, Jonathan, and we're looking forward to the interview.

MLB Dirt always has great stuff to read. This week's link is a Michael Schwartze piece on his American League post season award picks.

An epic fail by a Fox station in Texas is recorded by Major League A-holes for posterity.

One of the great things about Left Field is that it's written by people who know what they are talking about. This week features a great explanation of why Adrian Beltre's play on the Holliday pick off was not obstruction.

Theo over at Hot Corner Harbor discusses the worthiness of the Cardinals as World Series Champions. Interesting post!

The Hall of Very Good has a great post on the Golden Era Ballot Candidates.

Grubby Glove writes some of the most thorough and interesting posts. You'll enjoy this one on the Arizona Fall League.

Daniel Clark over at The Golden Sombrero has a great update on prospect, Francisco Lindor.

Kenn Olson speculates about where Prince Fielder will land in this well thought out post over at his Going Yard site.

A very good post over at The Baseball Index speculates on where Aramis Ramirez will land.

For Baseball Junkies riffs on the Silver Slugger Awards. A super argument starter for sure.

TheNaturalMevs talks about the end of an era in Cleveland as Grady Sizemore's option was not picked up. Diamond Hoggers has the story.

Lots of smile were caused by this post by Taylor over at Crack of the Bat as Taylor watched the World Series with his girlfriend.

Matt Whitener exults at dreams that come true over at his Cheap.Seats.Please site.

MSalvini of Che Palle! our Italian site tells a story about Ron Washington that is interesting to say the least.

FHPromos discusses the whirlwind we just witnessed over at his Baseballism site. Another great read.

Stability in the Bronx is the message brought to us by Christopher Carelli of The Baseball Stance after C.C. Sabathia's deal was done.

The Baseball Hall of Shame has another perspective on the Grady Sizemore story.

It only seems natural that The Ball Caps Blog would tip a cap for Tony LaRussa, right?

Sooze over at Babes Love Baseball thinks the Sabathia deal is ridiculous.

Ryan Sendek is one of our newest bloggers over at Analysis Around the Horn, but golly, he's good. Check out this post on signing Albert Pujols.

And last but not least, 85% Sports writer Eugene Tierney doesn't think it can get any better. The Fan doesn't think so either.

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