Thursday, November 10, 2011

BBA Link Fest - Style in General

The world has gone nuts this past week. Between the sad case of a kidnapped catcher and the sad case of the Penn State football program, our heads are spinning. Much prayers are offered for the safe resolution of the former and the same goes for the children involved in the latter's case.

Meanwhile, writers in the Baseball Bloggers Alliance General Chapter are still cranking out great work. Don't believe the Fan? Then check out these links.

MLB Reports had so much good stuff this week that it was hard to choose. So you are offered two. The first is speculation on what lies ahead for Johan Santana. Remember him? The second is about how a subtraction could ruin the Texas Rangers.

Mike Schwartze of MLB Dirt makes predictions on where the top fifty free agents end up. We need to keep score and see how Mike does.

Major League A-Holes likes having the Chicago White Sox fly under the radar. Good stuff.

Right out of Left Field, we have ourselves a new All Star team. See what the Fan did there?

Theo over at Hot Corner Harbor goes all Ken Tremendous on us. Nah, Theo is much, much better.

Did you know that CBS's Survivor has a baseball player involved this season? The Hall of Very Good fills us in. Hey guys, it looks like he screws up next week.

Grubby Glove has a fun feature called, "What's Wrong With This Card." Check out this week's installment.

Daniel Clark's choice of prospects to feature this week over at the Golden Sombrero is Michael Choice. That makes this link sort of symmetrical.

The Baseball Index reports on the Arizona Diamondbacks this week. How about that Willie Bloomquist signing?

In a fun exercise, For Baseball Junkies compiled an All-decade team for the 1970s. Here is their
AL version.

Dugout 24 discusses their favorite baseball movie and the news it made this week.

TheNaturalMev wants to cleat up after listening to that leaked Ron Washington speech over at Diamond Hoggers.

The terrifically reliable Call to the Pen keeps putting out great reads. This one by Tim Holland takes us back to the 1981 strike. [[shiver]]

Robinson Cano is a Taiwanese rock star. Don't believe it? Baseballism has the story.

Christopher Carelli over at The Baseball Stance is concerned about some franchises in flux. Terrific read.

Ken and Eric over at Baseball Hall of Shame have their own free agent predictions. This is fun. We should have a general chapter contest!

Sooze of Babes Love Baseball is having a great week. Her take on Jorge Posada is especially entertaining.

So cool! More free agent predictions. This one is from Analysis Around the Horn.

Are you new to how free agency works in MLB? Eugene Tierney has just the post for you over at 85% Sports.

Jesse McGrath has a great recipe for how the San Francisco Giants can reclaim their thrown over at Through the Fence Baseball.

Sully of Sully Baseball gives us his "brilliant" analysis of the recent trade between the Royals and Giants.

Pro Sports Wrap thinks the MVP Award is a no brainer. Indeed.

The terrific @Bill_TPA, one of the stalwarts of The Platoon Advantage earlier in the week snubbed Ken Boyer for the Hall of Fame. Bill then tells us that third basemen are overlooked. Color the Fan confused. :)

Old Time Family Baseball shows us the Padres new uniforms. This Fan is not impressed...wait...with the uniforms! OTFB is always impressive.

That's the links this week folks. Have a good weekend. Pray for Wilson Ramos and think about our veterans tomorrow.

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