Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Jacoby Ellsbury Still This Fan's MVP

Congratulations to Justin Verlander for winning both the Cy Young Award and the MVP. His award is not without justification and will not go down in history as some kind of stupid vote. This writer simply feels that Jacoby Ellsbury had a season unlike few others in Major League history. That's why he was this writer's Stan Musial Award pick for the BBA. Jose Bautista won the award for the BBA and there was really no screaming at that result either.

This writer simply thinks that Jacoby Ellsbury had no peers in 2011. His combination of 30 homers, 30 stolen bases, 100+ runs scroed, 100+ RBI has only been done 33 times in baseball since 1901. Add in more than 45 doubles and now you are talking about something only seven players have done. Add in his 200+ hits and that's something only four players have ever done. Plus Ellsbury played nearly flawless in the field in 2011.

As good as Verlander was--and he was outstanding--and as good as Jose Bautista was, Jacoby Ellsbury was the most valuable player of 2011.

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