Friday, January 06, 2012

Fictional Prince Fielder and Scott Boras Conversation

This writer does not know either Prince Fielder nor Scott Boras. Fielder might be the most patient person in the entire world and might just completely trust the biggest sports agent in the business. All this writer knows is that if it was this writer whose entire life was on hold well into the start of January, there would be a bit of concern. That would especially be the case if only one team seems to be in the running for Fielder's services. As such, what follows is a totally fictional conversation that might occur between the two gentlemen concerning Fielder's future. If this writer was Fielder, this conversation would definitely happen.

Fielder: What's going on, Scott? When am I going to get my deal?
Boras: You have to trust me, Prince, I'm working on it all the time and you'll be very happy.
Fielder: All I know is that your clients seem to be the only free agents without deals right now.
Boras: That's because I get my clients the best deals and that takes time.
Fielder: Hey, that folder on your desk has my name on it. Can I see it?
Boras: Uh...What this? I'd rather you didn't. It's simply my notes of the conversations I've had with teams about you.
Fielder: Why does it seem so thin?
Boras: I write in shorthand. It's a trick I picked up.
Fielder: Uh huh. Look, there's a lot of stuff I have to work out before getting settled in a new area and Spring Training is right around the corner. We've got to get something done.
Boras: Like I said, Prince, you have to trust me. Everything is going according to plan.
Fielder: So what teams are in on me?
Boras: I'm working a lot of different avenues. There's a lot of interest in someone with your age and ability.
Fielder: Can you be more specific?
Boras: That's not how it works, Prince. Discretion is a big part of what I do.
Fielder: Hey, man, this is my life we are talking about. This vegan crap is expensive and I had to dip into my savings. I have a right to know what's going on.
Boras: Patience, my friend, patience. Before you know it, you'll be set for life.
Fielder: Are the Brewers a fall back plan?
Boras: They are in the mix.
Fielder: I read something about the Nationals.
Boras: They are certainly interested.
Fielder: Texas would be cool. I could hit a million homers there.
Boras: I'm talking to them.
Fielder: C'mon, man, get something done. I've got boxes to pack and stuff.
Boras: Just keep your workouts going, Prince, keep yourself in great shape and you'll soon be rich beyond your dreams.
Fielder: I dream big, Scott. Make it happen.
Boras: Hang tight. I should be calling you within days.

Of course, as soon as this Fan hits the Publish button, a deal will be announced. But where? And with who? The market for Prince Fielder seems mighty tiny for a guy who can swat like he does. He's the last big prize still out there and we are all hanging wondering what's going to happen. In the words of the fictional Scott Boras, have patience, my friend, have patience.

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