Thursday, February 16, 2012

BBA Link Fest - In General Terms

Another week. Another links post. That may sound mundane to you, but nothing is ever mundane from the writers in the General Chapter of the Baseball Bloggers Alliance. And with teams beginning to trickle in to their spring sites, anticipation is growing that our long winter without baseball is heading into spring. The links that follow are culled from all of our General Chapter sites around the country and around the world. Pour yourself another cup of coffee or tea, click some links and enjoy.

Russ Blatt over at 85% Sports thinks that Moneyball is dead in Oakland. And he is dumbfounded. Check out why.

Over at Analysis Around the Horn, Ryan Sendek has been doing amazing things prepping you for the fantasy baseball season. This week, he takes his spreadsheet for a test drive.

Sooze over at Babes Love Baseball continues her Haiku baseball previews. How unique is that!? This week, it's the Pirates.

At The Ball Caps Blog, Dan still misses the Washington Senators. Which version? Both, of course.

Stevo-sama has a lovely ode to Chuck Knoblauch and a very special World Series game in 1991. Fantastic read over at The Baseball Enthusiast.

Baseball Unrated thinks that Darvish + Cespedes = Insanity.

This week's post of the week unflinchingly goes to Blogging From the Bleachers as Aaron does a superlative job summing up the Theo Epstein compensation circus. Excellent stuff.

Blaine Blontz of Call to the Pen is very interested in what will happen with Hanley Ramirez in Miami. Blontz's post makes it so for us as well.

Mario Salvini of Che Palle! reminds us that Seattle needs to train earlier because they will start the season in Japan. The post features a touching fan tribute to Greg Halman and a new tattoo for Mike Carp.

Talk about an ambitious project! Matt Whitener of Cheap.Seats.Please. gives us two posts to cover the top 100 players of baseball. Part 1. Part 2.

Not to be outdone by Matt above, Curley Bender of Crum-Bum Beat started a great series on the top pitching rotations of all time. Golly, these guys work hard to give us such good stuff. Part 1. Part 2.

In case you haven't seen enough of Kate Upton this week...wait...oh...what? lost in thought there for a minute. Anyway, TheNaturalMevs has her and Jay Bruce in a commercial for MLB2K12 over at Diamond Hoggers.

Just what does a third baseman do in a game anyway? Dugout 24 has the answers.

In easily one of the most intriguing post of the week comes from The OCP over at For Baseball Junkies with a terrific work on the Billy Beane era in Oakland.

The Baseball Index projects the Pirates' starting line up and admits to a man-crush.

Over at Going Yard, the writer thinks that several unsigned free agents are singing a Blondie tune.

The Golden Sombrero again has terrific content this week. The site started a great series on Spring Training invitees, which is very helpful. But for this Fan of the game, it was a little gif that caught the attention and held it.

Grubby Glove catches up with his father's favorite team in a wonderful post that's a great read.

This week brought us Valentine's Day. So it was fitting that The Hall of Very Good caught up with Ellis Valentine.

Hot Corner Harbor's Theo has some problems with another writer's NL Central projections. Agree with his final conclusions.

Well, yeah, Left Field's post this week is about football and not about baseball. But what they heck, when it's well written, it's worth reading. Even if the post opens up wounds just healing for this Fan.

Andrew Martin has been a wonderful new asset for the MLB Dirt team. His interviews with prospects around the minors have been priceless. Here's his latest.

Jonathan Hacohen's review of Howard Megdal's new book, Wilpon's Folly, over at MLB Reports is almost as good as the book itself. And that's saying a lot!

Over/Under is a fun game this time of year. Niktig's Baseball Blog gives us a meaty one worthy of some fun comments.

Want to see what Greg Maddux looked like in 1985 before he was a star? Old Time Family Baseball plucks out a great old video to show us.

The only team that has acquired better talent than the Miami Marlins this off season has been The Platoon Advantage. They signed up another great writer this week in Chris St. John. Here's his first post for the site.

For a thought provoking piece, look no further than Matthew Mahaffey's piece over at Pop Fly Boys as he looked at free agency and parity.

Replacement Level Baseball Blog continued their 2012 baseball preview series this week with a look at the NL East. Great job! The only argument here is in the number of Phillie wins.

Hardball Times writer, Jeff Gross joined Sully of Sully Baseball on his blogtalk radio show. They got into an argument. Definitely worth the listen.

Thomas Fitzgerald of Through the Fence Baseball breaks down the 2012 Boston Red Sox catchers and is a great read.

X-Log's, Mike Cardano, writes that Alex Gordon is an excellent choice for your fantasy baseball team.

Have a great week!


Bryan said...

Do you think the Phillies will win more games or fewer?

William Tasker - Caribou, ME said...

Fewer. :)