Thursday, February 02, 2012

BBA Linkfest - Generally Tried and True

Hey! It is Thursday again and that means another romp around the General Chapter of the Baseball Bloggers Alliance. Since last week's installment of our weekly links, northern Maine has received more than a foot and a half inches of snow. But, heck, we are into February, the month that players report to Florida and Arizona and we can dream of spring. The worst of the winter is over (It is over in some places). If it is still cold where you live, pour a cup of coffee, sit in a warm place and click these fantastic links. Who doesn't love to read about baseball! We'll start with two of our newest members to the Alliance.

The Pop Fly Boys cover all sports but here is a great example of what we can expect from their baseball writers as they consider the Cardinals' place in the new NL Central. Welcome to the Alliance!

Another new entry is Aaron's Tasty Baseball Blog. The site features fun polls and some very good writing. Check out this weekly baseball review. Welcome to the Alliance!

Another great new entry is Niktig's Baseball Blog. Welcome to the Alliance! Check out this post on some bargain free agents still on the market.

In the pure joy department, here's a report from Grubby Glove from the A's Fan Fest held this past week. The smile says it all.

The Hall of Very Good reports on something wonderful the Brewers did for their fans. No, they didn't give Prince Fielder all the peanuts he wanted, but the team does care about its fans. Nice work, HOVG.

Theo over at Hot Corner Harbor has a great post about some multi-team Hall of Fame players coming up in the future. Great read.

The Fan loves it when Left Field makes lists and checks them twice. Here's a great post on Jorge Posada.

The Fan thinks the Major League A**holes have their tongues firmly in cheek as they compare Prince Fielder's signing to Adam Dunn.

Over at MLB Dirt, Andrew Martin has another great prospect interview. How does he DO that? It's terrific as always. And since the Fan is always tooting other's horns, check out his entry over at that site too. In the first person, even.

Two of the most popular minor league pitchers on Twitter are Michael Schlact and The Garfoose. Schlact proves why he is so popular with a guest blog over at MLB Reports. The post is getting a lot of buzz and deservedly so.

In probably the coolest post of the week, check out this game clip of Jose Bautista doing what he does best over at Old Time Family Baseball. The Fan could watch this on an endless loop for hours.

Over at The Platoon Advantage, TCM has an unhealthy relationship. It is doubted that he is alone in this particular malady. And if you have a Baseball Prospectus subscription (which you should), check out Jason's latest piece on being a spy at the A's Fan Fest.

Our friend over at The Sports Banter has been busy in real life, so he apologizes. But at least he whets our appetite for some topics to come. Can't wait!

Sully thinks we should keep an eye on the Pirates as a sleeper in 2012. Seriously? Well that would be cool. Check it out at Sully Baseball.

Steve Randel has a great report on the Caribbean Baseball Classic. Need a fix for current baseball? Follow this Through the Fence Baseball story.

When a General Chapter site promotes a downloadable book from our Cardinals Chapter, we simply have to promote that, right? Here it is from 85% Sports. Hey you Cardinal folks, if you want that great thing printed, give this Fan a holler.

Ryan Sendek over at Analysis Around the Horn let's us know what he's working on. Don't worry, Ryan, you're worth the wait.

The Ball Caps Blog lends its support to a friend who wants to be a part of MLB's Fan Cave. This Fan would do that in a heartbeat if he was still young and single.

Our friend at the former Baseball Hall of Fame has re-branded the site as Baseball Unrated. The first post at the new place is a great read on what the 2013 Hall of Fame ballot will look like.

Continuing the 2013 HOF theme, Baseballism nods Mike Piazza and anoints him as golden. Quite agree here.

Aaron over at Blogging From the Bleachers is getting excited about the baseball season and whets his appetite with his fantasy baseball selections. Great fun to read.

Over at Call to the Pen, Blaine Blontz reports on the minor league deal Carlos Guillen signed with the Seattle Mariners. It's a long shot, but if he's healthy...

Over at Che Palle! Mario Salvini celebrates Nolan Ryan's birthday. This Fan would never tire of celebrating that pitcher! The Fan wonders if Salvini has heard about the Garfoose heading to play in Italy? The Garfoose is coming, the Garfoose is coming!

Folks, Curley Bender is a terrific writer. And his Crum-Bum Beat has become a must read. Check out this offbeat post about two famous traders.

If TheNaturalMevs of Diamond Hoggers writes about Peter Gammons and Jason Heyward, this Fan is so there.

For Baseball Junkies continues their terrific series on All-Decade teams. This one features the 2000's NL version.

The Baseball Index reports and gives their take on the Cody Ross signing with the Boston Red Sox. Ross could be useful.

And finally, Griffin Phelps has a terrific interview with Trevor Bauer, who seems like a kid we can all root for. Check out the post among all the great writing over at the Golden Sombrero.

And to steal a little of Bill Ivie's shameless self-promotion, it's super cool to announce that your favorite Fan has become a featured writer over at It's About the Money, Stupid. This is a terrific honor for your guy as IIATMS is one of the country's most popular baseball sites. Check out the first post there. And thanks as always for your support of this site and all of our terrific General Chapter sites.

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