Thursday, March 29, 2012

BBA Linkfest - General Anticipation

Real baseball has started. And stopped. Our odd two-game series in Japan is over and done with and we are back to fluff baseball for another week. The anticipation for the regular season is driving our writers in the General Chapter of the Baseball Bloggers Alliance. Let's get this show on the road, baseball! Like every Thursday, here are links from around the Chapter. Give a click, would you? And thanks for the support you show our writers.

Let's start with our newest chapter member, Full Spectrum Baseball. The site is new and terrific but the founders have been long-time BBA members for other incarnations and most of the writers too. Terrific site! Dennis Lawson is impressed with the Detroit Tigers' offense.

Griffin Phelps of The Golden Sombrero is as unimpressed as the Fan with baseball starting its season in Japan.

The Grubby Glove site has moved. You definitely need to follow this writer because the writing is terrific. So once you click this link about the Tom Seaver 1977 Topps baseball card, bookmark the site!

The Hall of Very Good has a great post this week about all the milestones Alex Rodriguez could surpass this season. 

Hot Corner Harbor has another great quiz for us this week. Click the link and then click the link.

Left Field has started a new project and like Brian Cashman on Michael Pineda, the site's author is already trying to lower our expectations. You WILL finish this and you WILL dazzle us. Got it?

Michael Schwartze is taking us on a tour of each division and the rookies on each team to watch. Cool stuff on MLB Dirt.

Chuck Booth of MLB Reports is looking for the Detroit Tigers to bring home a World Series trophy this season.

Nik of Niktig's Baseball Blog has a review this week of Out of the Park Baseball 13. Must read for you gamers.

MTD has a scouting report for the Lake Elsinore Storm minor league baseball team. Knowing MTD, you might guess the famous athlete's name. Off Base Percentage.

Old Time Family Baseball gives us four signs that baseball is back.

The Platoon Advantage bounced on a Rob Neyer question about ground ball pitchers and gave us cool graphs and stuff. 

Replacement Level Baseball Blog beats ESPN to the punch to list its Top 100 baseball players. Great post.

Sully of Sully Baseball riffs on the magical new happenings to the Los Angeles Dodgers.

In anticipation of the 2012 draft, Dan Kirby of Through the Fence Baseball previews five college baseball players on the rise.

The post of the week and the post of the month goes to Mike Damergis of the X-Log as he interviewed Sparky Lyle. Now how extra cool is THAT!?

Eugene Tierney's output on 85% Sports has been amazing of late as he previews teams. His latest is on the Pittsburgh Pirates.

Sooze of Babes Love Baseball will miss Chipper Jones. Same here.

In a post that is generous in spirit and in content, Stevo-Sama gives us his top favorite 11 baseball podcasts so far this spring. Super stuff at The Baseball Enthusiast. 

Baseball Unrated has its own take on the purchase of the Los Angeles Dodgers.

Aaron Somers has had a great week of content at his Blogging From the Bleachers site. Check out his preview of the AL West.

Speaking of tons of content, Call to the Pen never disappoints. Here Justin Hunter previews the Arizona Diamondbacks.

Mario Salvini of Che Palle! rhapsodizes about a Jayson Werth home run.

Matt Whitener is optimistic for the Dodgers in his piece at Cheap.Seats.Please. Also check out his division previews. 

This must be the week for glorious old relievers. First Sparky Lyle and now Dizzy Valance of Crum-Bum Beat has his picture taken with Rollie Fingers.

Continuing a great series, TheNaturalMevs makes another bold prediction for 2012. This one concerns the Cincinnati Reds. Diamond Hoggers.

For Dugout 24, the magic is back at Dodgers Stadium.

The OCP delivers a terrific and meaty primer at For Baseball Junkies on his approach to drafting a fantasy baseball team.

And last, but not least, The Baseball Index leaves us with a post about the key players for each team in the NL West.

Have a great week everyone.

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