Thursday, March 01, 2012

BBA Linkfest - March of the Generals

Can you believe it is March!? How awesome is that? For those of us that live way up north, that extra day in February was simply an extra day of winter. But March brings hope. Soon Spring Training baseball will be on and spring will really feel like it's almost here. It is only fitting that on such a lovely day of hopefulness, the latest round of links are presented from around the General Chapter of the Baseball Bloggers Alliance. What can be better than to contemplate a new year of baseball with a go round of great writing from around the world? Click once. Click often. And enjoy.

We will start our journey with Diamond Hoggers where TheNaturalMevs tells us that Jason Heyward is 90 percent back. 

Dugout 24 celebrated Leap Day by going back in time to 1972 when Henry Aaron became the highest paid player in baseball.

The OCP, a writer over at For Baseball Junkies worries over baseball's credibility after the Bruan situation.

The Kansas City Royals' projected lineup is the topic of a post over at The Baseball Index. The Royals are one team this Fan is looking forward to seeing in 2012.

Over at Going Yard, the writer is still upset about the Ryan Braun incident. Find out why and who he blames.

The Golden Sombrero has had one great series after another this off season. There were the top 100 prospects. There were draft previews. Now check out Mike Rosenbaum's Spring Training Prospect Invite series. Fantastic.

The Hall of Very Good just can't put Jose Canseco behind them. Every time the site tries, Canseco reels them back in. What did he do now? Check it out.

The terrific Russ Blatt has his own take on the Red Sox decision to ban beer from the clubhouse in 2012. 85% Sports.

Ryan Sendek from Analysis Around the Horn has a great multimedia entry called, "The Boy and His Baseball Game." Always good stuff from Ryan.

Sooze continues her Haiku baseball previews over at Babes Love Baseball. Love, love, love this series.

This Fan's buddy, Daniel, has a really unique mind. First he comes up with the Baseball Solstice. Now he is remaking the sky with baseball constellations. There is a fine line between genius and madness. Check out The Ball Caps Blog

Speaking of genius, check out Stevo-Sama's recap of a game played in the Australian Baseball League playoffs. The boy from The Baseball Enthusiast sure can write!

Baseball Unrated continues there position by position rankings of fantasy baseball players. This week, it's first base. 

Over at Baseblog, Justin Jabs shares his two favorite spring stories. Good stuff!

In a great read, Kyle Davis of Call to the Pen wonders if Zack Greinke has a chance to win the Cy Young Award this coming season. Great analysis.

Since there was just a major documentary on television about the Amish, it seems only relevant that Che Palle! has posted a great picture of Buck Showalter signing autographs. Hey, Mario, have you discovered The Garfoose in Italy yet? 

Matt Whitener of Cheap.Seats.Please. has the post of the week that caps off Black History Month with a bang. You've got to read this one!

Curly Bender of Crum-Bum Beat continues his all-time pitching rotation series with a surprising conclusion about the 1971 Baltimore Orioles' staff. Awesome post.

Theo has some fascinating thoughts about the Ryan Zimmerman extension in a thoroughly satisfying post over at Hot Corner Harbor.

Not only is this Fan a friend of the author of Left Field, but this Fan is a avid Fan of the guy's writing. Case in point is a terrific read this week about how a childhood game helped fuel the sabermetric age. 

A great post over at Major League A**Holes dares to dream about the 2012 Chicago White Sox. 

Jonathan Mitchell of MLB Dirt has the touching story of the month. Now let's hope the subject's eye is okay.

Sam Evans wonders why Tom Glavine is still underrated among baseball fans everywhere. He poses an excellent question and has the analysis over at MLB Reports.

Niktig of Niktig's Baseball Blog gives us his catching fantasy rankings. Which only confirms this Fans confusion with the whole fantasy baseball thing. Miguel Montero, eight?? Russell Martin, seventeenth??

Old Time Family Baseball talks about one of this Fan's favorite baseball stories - Jamie Moyer. Awesome! Especially a part of Moyer's history that few of us knew.

Ron over at Pop Fly Boys writes about Baseball's Golden Age this week. Great post, Ron.

In this Fan's favorite post this week at his favorite site, The Platoon Advantage, TCM gives his annual review of off season rankings for each franchise. He rated the Twins too high, but we can forgive him that, especially since who he picked for number one.

Replacement Level Baseball Blog continues its series of baseball previews. This time it's the AL East. Agree with the conclusions listed there.

The Sports Banter found a twin brother of agent, Scott Boras. Yikes! Could the world survive a second one?

Sully wants his beloved Terry Francona to shut up. Oof. Check out the details over at Sully Baseball.

Jeff Dickinson has a great post over at Through the Fence Baseball on how the Dodgers can be better in 2012. 

Mike Cardano of the X-Log isn't exactly a fan of extra playoff spots. Right with you there, pal.

Our newest member to the General Chapter is The Wolf's Den. We welcome them as their inaugural link is a tribute to Gary Carter. 

And finally, since this writer is becoming a disciple of Bill Ivie's school of self-promotion, here is a link to a game in 1995 written by yours truly on one of his other employment venues. 

Have a great week, everyone.

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