Thursday, April 05, 2012

BBA Linkfest - Opening Day Edition

Hey! It's Opening Day. Sort of. Well, it is for some teams. But anyway, at least there is more than one real baseball game on the schedule. Let's put this on a more positive spin. It is Opening Week! Okay, that is better. And it seems fitting for our weekly links post from the General Chapter of the Baseball Bloggers Alliance to occur today. After all, these great folks have been churning out great content all off season in anticipation of this week right here. If these writers have been this good without baseball being played, how good are they going to be now that the season is underway!? Here are this week's links:

Eugene Tierney of 85% Sports has been doing an awesome job with his team previews for 2012. His latest is on the Colorado Rockies.

Ryan Sendek has been doing amazing work helping folks get ready for the fantasy baseball season all off season on his Analysis Around the Horn site. He wraps it all up with one final update. He's done the work, now it's up to you.

Babes Love Baseball had a preview for the Marlins opening night against the Cardinals that included a Twitter quote from LoMo. Plus, if you haven't already, go back and read all of Sooze's Haiku team previews. Wonderful.

The Ball Caps Blog re-blogged a mutual friend of ours post on why baseball is better than football. It's worth the click and the re-click for sure.

Stevo-sama recaps a college baseball game like only he can over at his The Baseball Enthusiast site.

Baseball Unrated offers you the chance to pick the outcome of the American League Central division.

Baseballism recaps and comments on the big Matt Cain and Joey Votto deals.

Justin Jabs takes some stabs (just wanted to type that) at predicting the NL Central. Take a look over at BaseBlog.

Aaron Somers writes his excellent Blogging from the Bleachers site between his regular assignment of covering the Washington Nationals. Check out his AL East preview.

There is always so much great content over at Call to the Pen that it is a daily baseball buffet. The post selected this week is Blaine Blontz's reaction to John Lannon's trade request.

Mario Salvini of Che Palle! celebrates opening day and whether your Italian or any other heritage, he is right: "This is our game."

Matt Whitener of Cheap.Seats.Please. previews the newly interesting NL East. 

The Crum-Bum Beat staff put all their creatively-named heads together to come up with their bold predictions for the 2012 season.

Diamond Hoggers celebrates Opening Day as only TheNaturalMevs can do it. Cool elephant too.

Dugout 24 puts their own unique and comical spin on why baseball is better than any other sport.

The Cole Hamels situation with the Phillies will be one of the most interesting stories in 2012. For Baseball Junkies speculates on the outcomes.

The Baseball Index has had great fun predicting the major award winners in baseball this season. The latest is on the MVP Award.

Probably this Fan's favorite regular blog feature is The Golden Sombrero's look-alikes feature. This week's is a stunner.

Grubby Glove participated in a podcast! The story behind the event is just as entertaining as the podcast itself!

The Hall of Very Good has a brilliant re-post of Sully's this week on numbers that are long overdue to be retired by the player's teams. The post is dead on. And for the record, this Fan screamed for the Red Sox to retire Wade Boggs number a long time ago. Maybe the HOVG and Sully can finally help get it done.

Hot Corner Harbor used the occasion to make the site's thorough 2012 predictions. Can't disagree with any of them.

How do you describe Left Field's posts? They are impossible to buttonhole other than to state that no finer writing occurs on the Internet. Here is his latest.

Peter Verniere of Major League A**holes has questions concerning his favorite team, the Chicago White Sox. He is cautiously optimistic though.

Andrew Martin easily wins the post of the week award on one of the most fascinating stories this Fan has read in a while. The Fan should have a post show up  over at MLB Dirt today too. So check that out.

Love, love, LOVE little Haley Smilow's interview of Eric Young, Jr. over at MLB Reports

Nik of Niktig's Baseball Blog has a big and important question about the Miami Marlins.

Erik and Jana have started up their Off the Bat podcasts on BlogTalk Radio. Check out Number One Baseball for the link.

Somebody has to keep track of such things. Leave it to Old Time Family Baseball to notice the first stirrup sighting of the season. 

Matthew Melton of Pop Fly Boys has a fascinating post on how each team can win the World Series.

The Sports Banter is back! Check out the sites 2012 MLB predictions.

Sully of Sully Baseball has a really interesting take on the Miami Marlins.

Chol Souders celebrates Opening Day over at Through the Fence Baseball. Right there with you, buddy!

Muhammed Ali made Joey Smith of the X-Log very sad. Yes. Agreed.

One programming note: One of this Fan's favorite sites, The Platoon Advantage, is moving to the Bloguin Network. Congrats on the new home, folks. You can still find them by going to the same web address. You'll have to do the Blogger redirection thingy, but once that is accomplished, you will be welcomed into the arms of the same fine writers you've always known.

Happy baseball season, everyone!

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