Wednesday, July 11, 2012

The Fan's response to the Cano thing


Francisco Serrano said...

I don´t see any response, while we might agree on how hard is to be a Yankee fan I still think you are missing the point.

1.- It's an all star game, more like an exhibition game, rarely watch it, since theres no real baseball involve, but it is a nice reward for half seasson achievements. Why take the time to BOO a player there.

2.- Robinson Cano is a super player. I'm not a Yankee fan but who ever think he is not, deserves no respect. I can consider the Pedroia and the Kinsler fans arguing but right now Cano is the best. On and off the field he is a player to be admired if you really like baseball. At least as far as i know, i dont care if he works for the evil empire, baseball is first. Again can't BOO him.

3.- KC... really? probably the most exciting thing since George Brett retired or watching Bo Jackson breaking bats, was hosting the All Star Game and fans are going to react like that? Give me a break. Again another reason to not BOO.

I think you can have a better case developing those 3 points than just simply saying they boo Cano because he plays for the Yankees. I really don't thinks so. Like we have said before thats is expected, normal and sometimes required. But booig Cano for taking into consideration my comments takes the KC Royal fan crowd (and attendants to the game)to a whole other level of low class.

PD: excuse my english, its not my native language.

William Tasker - Caribou, ME said...

You expressed yourself just fine, Francisco. Thanks.