Friday, September 21, 2012

BBA Linkfest - around the horn in general

Hey! Got a few minutes? Hope so because what follows is a group of links to some of the best baseball writing on the planet. This is a tour of the General Chapter of the Baseball Bloggers Alliance and we think we have a lot to offer you. So click some links, read some great writing and enjoy. You're welcome.

As always, we go alphabetically and start somewhere in the middle of the pack and work our way around again.

Let's start with Call to the Pen since they always have lots of great content every week. This week's link there is from Lew Freedman, a colleague from the e-magazine, Big Leagues Monthly. Lew wrote this week how Tim Lincecum is looking a lot like his old self lately.

One thing to love about Mario Salvini's blog, Che Palle! is that it reminds us that baseball is a global sport. Here is an example from that site.

Matt Whitener of Cheap.Seats.Please. celebrates the return of Chris Carpenter to the St. Louis Cardinals.

TheNaturalMevs celebrates that his favorite team is the first to clinch a playoff spot. Congrats, Mevs. Enjoy. Celebrate with him at Diamond Hoggers.

Dugout 24 is excited about the World Baseball Classic. We obnoxious Americans are about the only people not excited about it.

For Baseball Junkies continues its fine series on comparing a team's all-time team with their current team. This week featured the Mets. That aught to be interesting, no?

Full Spectrum Baseball has gathered themselves quite a few really good writers. A post that was particularly enjoyed this week was Will Emerson's collection of baseball facts, intriguing or useless or other wise. Which player is the only player this season with double-digit steals while also grounding into at least 20 double-plays. Click and find out.

The Hall of Very Good, a site whose name should change to The Site that's Very Good, has a great piece on five ballplayers that should have their own reality shows. And yes, Roger Clemens is one of them.

Theo of Hot Corner Harbor celebrates his 200th post. Congrats, buddy! Of course, he had to ruin it by writing about Ben Zobrist. [grumble] Hate that guy. But you probably like him, so go read it.

Left Field is a very cultured site with great writing. Our favorite writer writes about baseball, beer and music. Cool, eh? In this post, he writes about music tracks he has been spinning lately. Hope you don't mind the non-baseball post. It's worth it.

Michael Holloway is fascinated by Randall Munro's "What If" series. After this, you will be too. Michael Holloway's Baseball Blog.

Andrew Martin not only disagrees with the Fan's NL MVP choice, he doesn't even think Buster Posey is the best catcher in the National League. Read it all at MLB Dirt.

The terrific Chuck Booth of MLB Reports writes a thesis on the Coors Effect and baseball as played in Denver, Colorado. Fascinating. It is the third part in a series, so you might as well read parts one and two also.

Nik wonders if the Brewers can actually make it as the last wild card team in this post over at Niktig's Baseball Blog.

Old Time Family Baseball was kind enough to provide us with the trailer for the new movie about Jackie Robinson. Looks like a must see.

Jeremy Sickel of the Pop Fly Boys great anticipates the debut of a Royals a really well-written piece.

In a week filled with firestorms about baseball's role in American life, Cee Angi of The Platoon Advantage wrote this very thought provoking piece you should all read and think about.

Like most of us, Replacement Level Baseball Blog cannot wrap its mind around the season Mike Trout is having. And TPA and TTF are right, Trout is still the MVP. Sorry Miguel Cabrera fans.

Jackie Micucci of Through The Fence Baseball is amazed the Yankees are still where they are in the standings. The closing line of the piece is killer. One of the best ever. has an interesting article on pitch limits for youngsters. 

Eugene Tierney, as usual, has another great piece for 85% Sports this week. This one is on whether the Cardinals promoting Oscar Tavaras is a good thing or not.

Nobody...N-O-B-O-D-Y...writes better game recaps than Stevo-Sama like this one over at his The Baseball Enthusiast site.

Baseball Unrated has their fantasy baseball wrap-up for the season. 

Have a great week everyone and enjoy the final rush of the season!

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