Friday, September 14, 2012

BBA Linkfest - general frenzied finish

Welcome to another edition of the BBA Linkfest where we celebrate the writing of the General Chapter of the Baseball Bloggers Alliance. The General Chapter means that our writers are not fettered to one team or one area of baseball writing but cover it all for their readers. These writers span the globe in our sport and churn out amazing stuff week after week. Give a click will you? You will be glad you did.

We'll start in the middle of the list alphabetically and work our way around the list. Enjoy.

And we start with The Hall of Very Good as that site wins the links' post of the week award for that site's interview of The Baseball Riliquary's founder and also with the creator of a documentary film about the place called Not Exactly Cooperstown. Fantastic stuff and kudos.

Theo of Hot Corner Harbor has more excellent thoughts on the Stephen Strasburg shutdown.

Much congrats go to one of this compiler's favorite people on earth. The author of Left Field has joined a fantastic site called High Heat Stats as a feature writer. Here is a link to a link to his first work over there. writes about the last month of the season, where it is all or nothing for two teams in the AL Central.

Andrew Martin of MLB Dirt is not impressed with all this talk of Roger Clemens pitching again.

Jonathan Hacohen of MLB Reports writes that the Nationals should shut down Jordan Zimmermann too. Well...not really. Great read.

Nik of Niktig's Baseball Blog lists a ranking of pitching staffs of playoff contenders. For his next post, it would be cool if he wrote his rationale for this ranks.

Usually, blog authors tell you stuff you should read. Not Old Time Family Baseball. Instead, a comic book you should definitely NOT read is covered. Too bad it was about Rickey Henderson.

Geoffrey Ratliff read this compiler's mind and wrote about how all the Dodgers have bought is a spectator's seat to watch the playoffs. Pop Fly Boys.

Cee Angi is on fire this week over at The Platoon Advantage. Love this piece about how Alfredo Aceves needs an attitude adjustment.

Left Field is not the only great writer that has joined High Heat Stats. Replacement Level Baseball Blog's writer is also joining that great site. Well done! He has a personal post that is a good read here.

Bernadette Pasley of Lady at the Bat fame is a terrific Yankees blogger. Our own Sully of Sully Baseball was recently a guest on Bernadette's podcast. Great stuff.

Those poor Boston Red Sox cannot get a break in the press. And our own Kevin Coughlin of Through the Fence Baseball now goes after that team's fans.

Trish Vignola has a great piece over at Full Spectrum Baseball on Chipper Jones' last series in New York.

The Payoff Pitch has a feature on the science of Stephen Strasburg's shutdown.

Will Skinner, a minor league baseball player, wrote a feature for Hit More Line Drives. Super.

Russ Blatt of 85% Sports toots his own horn, as well he should.

The Ball Caps Blog, now relocated on the East Coast, has noticed some spiffy licence plates.

Stevo-sama has another fantastic minor league baseball game recap. Man, this guy is good. The Baseball Enthusiast

Baseball Unrated gives you a chance to vote on who will win the AL East.

FH over at Baseballism admits that he is a baseball snob.

Brian Vaughan writes over at Call to the Pen that with Giancarlo Stanton, we get the slugger we deserve. Nice.

Che Palle! creator, Mario Salvini, reports on some funny goings on with the Texas Rangers.

A strange sound emanated from The Great American Ballpark. Can it catch on? Diamond Hoggers has the questions if not the answers.

Dugout 24 is fascinated by the wild card races.

For Baseball Junkies continues its great series on comparing a team's all time team to its present team. This time it is the Marlins.

And we end on a fantastic note as Grubby Glove has a great feature on a Mets fan that is doing so much for the Tug McGraw Foundation.

Have a great week, everyone.

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