Monday, October 29, 2012

Game Picks - End of the season wrap up

Alas, the baseball season is over as the San Francisco Giants stand alone on the top of the baseball world. They swept the Tigers in the World Series. The sweep not only ends the season, but ends another season of the Game Picks here at the FanDome. This is the third straight full season for the Game Picks and the feature is now three and a half years old. Not a single day of the baseball season was missed for the second straight season, making this game picker the Cal Ripken of game pickers.

Somewhere along the way, the season totals got messed up. By adding up each month, the correct season tally was attained and the success rate was slightly less than last season. The post season picks were much, much worse than last season, but the World Series picks were three correct out of four. What follows is a chart showing the picking activity for each month and there is even a pictorial representation to make this picker the sabermetrician of game pickers.

It has been fun, folks, and picking games has given each day a little bit of a purpose to start each day. A solid core of you came each day to either see how stupid the picks were or to gasp and their wonder and beauty. Heh. But you are appreciated and thank you so much for coming. The picks will start up again as the season starts in the spring.

But don't think this site will go cold during the off season. Hundreds of posts were created last season after the season and there is always plenty here to talk about.

May your team improve itself over the off season and if you are in the mid-Atlantic region of the country today, please take care and we will be thinking about you and hoping for the best.

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