Wednesday, June 05, 2013

MLB Game Picks - Wednesday: June 5, 2013

The picks had a much better day yesterday despite a rash of extra inning games. Two of the three of those went for me (thank you Andrelton Simmons and John Mayberry Jr.) and one went against. I was excited about Tyler Skaggs versus Michael Wacha and both got knocked silly, so that did not pan out. Matt Moore got rocked. Whoops. Tim Lincecum saved his rotation spot for another day. It was an interesting day of baseball for sure.

Today is getaway day for twelve teams and six of the games are day games. Sweet. What else will Yasiel Puig do? Holy cow, eh? Here are Wednesday's picks:

  • The Braves over the Pirates: While this Pirates team is better than the ones that folded the last couple of seasons, they are finding that the Braves are the better team. While I like picking Wandy Rodriguez on my outings, this one has to go to the Braves for the sweep. Julio Teheran will try to make that happen.
  • The Yankees over the Indians: In another sweep attempt, I might as well go all giddy and pick for the Yankees. CC Sabathia will try to build on his last terrific outing and a very good Corey Kluber will try to keep his string of good pitching going.
  • The Phillies over the Marlins: The 1-9 Cole Hamels has to get a win some time. Otherwise, this is about as surreal as it gets. Jacob Turner had about as good a first outing his last time out for the Marlins as you could ask for. But the Phillies are starting to hit better.
  • The Brewers over the Athletics: Once again, I cannot find in myself the ability to pick against Yovani Gallardo at home. He has simply been too good there over the years. And Bartolo Colon has one clunker of an outing for every three good ones, so the ratio says that he is due.
  • The Mariners over the White Sox: Raul Ibanez and Kendrys Morales are about as hot as hitters can get right now and Hisashi Iwakuma should take care of the rest. Young Dylan Axelrod will not be able to keep up.
  • The Giants over the Blue Jays: Last night was a microcosm of the Blue Jays' season. Edwin Encarnacion hit a bomb of a homer to dead center field. Then, later, he hit a grounder to short that was booted and he still got thrown out because he did not hustle. Not acceptable and a symptom of why this team is underachieving. Barry Zito against R.A. Dickey is an unsettling pitching line though.
  • The Cubs over the Angels: This is the upset pick of the day. Matt Garza is auditioning for a stretch run trade to a contender and has looked great. Jason Vargas can have good games but can have bad ones too. I think Alfonso Soriano gets a hold of one in this game.
  • The Nationals over the Mets: Now that Dillon Gee is not pitching against the Yankees, he will revert back to form and that is not good for the Mets. Dan Haren is not a shut down starter anymore, but will keep the Nats in the game so they can win it.
  • The Tigers over the Bay Rays: Unless the Tigers used up all their offense last night, they should take this one as long as the good Doug Fister shows up. Doug Fister versus Alex Cobb is actually a very good match-up, so it will be interesting to see which one has the better night. It is a toss up.
  • The Reds over the Rockies: Last night's game got away from the Reds and from a correct pick. But this one should not be close as Johnny Cueto should pitch a good game and Jon Garland gives up his typical four or five runs.
  • The Red Sox over the Rangers: On a podcast I did the other day, I mentioned that I liked the way John Lackey was throwing. So I have to put my picks where my mouth is. Alexi Ogando's health is always a concern and there was some talk that he would miss this start. That makes me leery.
  • The Orioles over the Astros: Wow! I am not real down with this pitching line of Freddy Garcia against Dallas Keuchel. This will be a shooting match with the Orioles having a bit more fireworks on their barge than the Astros.
  • The Royals over the Twins: The Royals are about as moribund as a team can get. No life. No spark. Deadsville. But I still believe in Jeremy Guthrie and I still do not believe in P.J. Walters. After all, how can I pick a guy named after sleepwear?
  • The Diamondbacks over the Cardinals: I do not like what I see in this one for the Cardinals. Their bullpen is toasted and one of those bullpen arms, Joe Kelly, makes a spot start. Not ideal. Wade Miley has really struggled in the last month. He is a finesse guy and needs to get it back on the black.

And the Game of the Day!

  • The Dodgers over the Padres: This is the Yasiel Puig show and we are all just spectators. Not only that, but Clayton Kershaw is pitching at home. Yee Haw, Kershaw! I do not think it will matter how good or bad Jason Marquis pitches. We are simply watching a spectacle right now.

Yesterday: 10-5
Week: 23-18
Month: 33-22
Season: 495-372
Games of the Day: 40-23

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