Wednesday, July 03, 2013

The Flagrant Fan's All Star team

You cannot be a baseball writer this time of year without producing your own All Star ballot. Everyone has a different philosophy for putting them together. Some believe in picking the hottest players of the current year. Others like to consider the body of work and the current season. I am more of the former than the latter. I think it is a showcase for this year's hottest talent. On the other hand, I do think legacy players on the downside of probable Hall of Fame careers should be included for the fans as well. I grew up with that with Willie Mays and Hank Aaron making the NL squads even into their last years.

The only real legacy player this year is Mariano Rivera and he deserves a nod on merit anyway, so there is no problem. Chipper Jones was a legacy player. Derek Jeter is one. But the rest are all gone. So at least we do not have to have that debate.

So here, then, is my All Star ballot with the starters for each position and one backup. Oh yes, I should mention that the outfield positions should be picked by where a player plays and not just lumped all together.

American League:

National League:

Let the debates begin. And no on Puig this year.

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