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The obscure batting awards of the 2013 MLB season

This is certainly award season on the baseball calendar and aside from all the rumors going on about who is going to sign where or get traded, there is not a whole lot else to talk about. I like to make up my own awards and apparently I have hit on something as my silly awards have led to unprecedented page views. I have covered the major categories such as the worst starting pitching, worst relief pitching and worst overall position player awards. What follows are some more obscure ones.

The Killing Two Birds with one Ball Award
Matt Holliday led both leagues in grounding into double plays. Since he plays on the Cardinals, the killing two birds thing works very nicely. Holliday created 62 outs with his 31 GIDPs. Martin Prado was second with 29 and Billy Butler led the American League with 28.

I like to put these kinds of things into percentages and Holliday also led the majors in GIDP as a percentage of his plate appearances. His rate turned out to be 5.1%. Erik Kratz of the Phillies had only 68 games with the Phillies and still managed to hit into 11 double plays for a 5.0% rate. David Freese was third with a 4.8% rate followed by the only other two over four percent: Prado at 4.4% and Butler at 4.2%.

The Crime Doesn't Pay Award
I forget what the prevailing wisdom is on what stealing success rate is acceptable. Was it 70%? Whatever it is, none of these dudes came close. I don't know if these players tried to steal bases on their own or were sent by their managers. Whichever the case, they should stop. My cut off line was five caught steals. After all, you cannot punish a guy for just trying a couple of times. But if we go by 30% as an acceptable fail rate, the following players, of course, go beyond unacceptable with their fail rates:
  1. 53.8% fail rate: Manny Machado - Six stolen bases in 13 attempts. Robbie Grossman of the Astros had the exact same numbers.
  2. 50% fail rate: Brandon Barnes (11, 22), Gerardo Parra (10,20) and Yoenis Cespedes (7,14)
  3. 47.6% fail rate: Adeiny Hechavarria (11, 21) Was there anything Adeiny did well in 2013??
  4. 45.5% fail rate: Anthony Rizzo, Andrelton Simmons, Todd Frazier (all 6, 11)
  5. 42.4% fail rate: Ian Kinsler (15, 26). Does Ron Washington have a don't steal sign?
  6. 42.1% fail rate: Yasiel Puig (11, 19). The man did run into some outs.
The Down and Outs Award
This award goes to the player who created the most outs with his plate appearances in 2013. Outs are recorded by the number of times a player gets himself out plus caught stealing, sacrifice flies and sacrifice bunts. Our winner is Starlin Castro of the Cubs with 530 outs created. Manny Machado was second with 500 and Mark Trumbo third with 495. 

The Swing Batter Batter Swing Award
Let's face it. There are some baseball players who go up to the plate hacking. They are not interested in working the count or anything like that. Life is short and they are going to swing the bat. The lowest walk percentages this season:
  1. A.J. Pierzynski - 2.1%
  2. Alcides Escobar - 3.0%
  3. Wilin Rosario - 3.2%
  4. Yuniesky Betancourt - 3.4%
  5. Adam Jones and J.P. Arencibia - 3.6%
The batters with the highest swing percentage at balls out of the strike zone were: 
  1. A.J. Pierzynski - 49.6%
  2. Pablo Sandoval - 45.5%
  3. Adam Jones - 44.9%
  4. Alfonso Soriano - 43.3%
  5. Nolan Arenado - 42.8%
The Woe is My wOBA Award
The worst five wOBA statistic recorded in 2013 with a minimum of 400 plate appearances:
  1. Pete Kozma - .241
  2. Alcides Escobar - .247
  3. Adeiny Hechavarria - .251
  4. Darwin Barney - .252 (555 plate appearances)
  5. B.J. Upton - .252 (446 plate appearances)
The Hey Your Infield Fly Is Open Award
The highest infield fly ball percentages were:
  1. Vernon Wells: 20.3%
  2. B.J. Upton: 19.7%
  3. Andrelton Simmons: 17.8%
  4. Jose Bautista. Josh Willingham: 17.6%
The Hit It Where There Are No Screws Award
The lowest line drive percentages in the MLB in 2013 were:
  1. Dan Uggla - 13.2%
  2. Kelly Johnson - 15.2%
  3. Juan Lagares - 15.7%
  4. Yuniesky Betancourt, Jose Bautista - 16.1%
The Hitting 'Em Where They Are Awards
The five lowest BABIPs of 2013 go to:
  1. Darwin Barney - .222
  2. Dan Uggla - .225
  3. Yuniesky Betancourt - .226
  4. David Murphy - .227
  5. J.P. Arencibia - .231

The Stirring the Breeze Award
These five players led the Majors in swinging and missing as rated by their swing and miss percentage:
  1. Yasiel Puig - 16.9%
  2. Pedro Alvarez - 16.4%
  3. Josh Hamilton - 16.2%
  4. Chris Carter - 15.5%
  5. B.J. Upton - 15.3%
The Calculator Not Needed to Total Bases Award
The three lowest total bases accumulated for batters with more than 400 plate appearances were:
  1. Pete Kozma - 112
  2. B.J. Upton - 113
  3. Placido Polanco - 114
Nobody else was under 130.

The Ultimate Sacrifice Award
The most total combined sacrifice bunts and sacrifice flies were:
  1. Zack Cosart - 23 (13 sacrifice bunts plus 10 sacrifice flies)
  2. Elvis Andrus - 22 (16 sacrifice bunts plus 6 sacrifice flies)
The RC Coda Award
RC stands for Runs Created and it is a Bill James statistic for estimating a players contribution to the overall runs a team scored. These two players created the least amount of runs for their team according to B-R:
  • Darwin Barney - 37 in 555 plate appearances
  • Adeinny Hechavarria - 38 in 578 plate appearances
The Punching Judy Award
Pete Kozma became only the third player in this century to record a slugging percentage under .275 with more than 400 plate appearances. The other two were Cesar Izturis in 2010 (.268) and Nick Punto in 2007 (.271).

The At Least I Jacked One Award
This was the first season since 2008 where every batter over 400 plate appearances hit at least one homer. But two guys only hit one homer in 2013. Those would be Pete Kozma and Placido Polanco

The Three Outcome Heroes Award
The following players had the highest percentage of their plate appearances being walks+strikeouts+homers:
  1. Chris Carter - 53.2%
  2. Dan Uggla - 50.3%
  3. Mike Napoli - 49.8%
  4. Adam Dunn - 49.2%

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