Sunday, February 16, 2014

BBA Linkfest - bring a deer generals

Welcome to another chapter of the BBA Linkfest. You may know that I am the current president of the general chapter of the Baseball Bloggers Alliance and one of the things I like to do is feature our chapter's work. We have some new members, which is great.
"General" means that our chapter members do not have a team focus nor feature a specific topic such as fantasy or others. Our chapter members write about everything, which is sometimes harder to gain a foothold for pageviews. But it is who we are. Well, almost all of us except that Carelli guy who writes about the Yankees for Yahoo Sports. Heh.  Here are the links:
I start from the middle alphabetically and work my way around:
Matt Whitener of Cheap.Seats.Please. has a really entertaining rundown of the ten best closers in baseball. Hint: #1 just got a nice contract.
All kidding aside, Chris Carelli of Yahoo still dabbles at his The Baseball Stance site. This entry looks at the questions facing each of the 3o teams.
Justin had some birthday and anniversary celebrations this this past week (congrats!) but is frustrated by the wait of this year's MLB The Show over at this Baseblog site.
For one of our newer sites (welcome!), Off the Bench, Sean Morash looks at what the Reds might do with Homer Bailey.
On another of our newer sites, Payoff Pitch (welcome!), a very thorough examination of the 2014 Tampa Bay Rays is undertaken.
Kenneth Matinale of Radical Baseball has a terrific post as he struggles to place Derek Jeter in context with other post-WWII shortstops.
One of my favorite posts of the week is by David of and tells the story of a Spring Training no-hitter started by none other than Pedro Martinez.
When stopping over at High Heat Stats, the problem is not finding a post to choose. Rather, it is finding which gem among Smaug's prizes to pick over the others. Doug has a really neat post on something Alex Cobb did in a game.
At The Baseball Hot Corner, Timmy Kennedy tries to help the Toronto Blue Jays decide on Ubaldo Jimenez or Ervin Santana.
The terrific Justin Miller who writes for three different sites including his own, inside the mlb, has a nice entry on the best recent one-year deals. Any time Andy Pettitte is in there, I'm happy.
The always prolific MLB Reports has a great post by Chuck Booth on the San Francisco Giants and a look at the team's payroll and contracts going forward. Be sure to check out Sully's videos every day too.
Another of our newer sites, Cover Those Bases, looks like a really good one. Especially if this breakdown of the Phillies' rotation is any indication.
We have a second baseball site in Italy! How cool is that? It is especially cool for me since the better half of my genetic makeup is Italian. The site is called Quarta Base and in this post, the author introduces himself to the BBA.
Another of our new sites, Peppercelebrates the start of Spring Training. Welcome!
Eugene Tierney is not new to us, but he sure is nice to have around. In his 85% Sports post, he talks about Jason Heyward's new deal.
The always interesting Shawn Anderson of the Hall of Very Good has an interesting idea for the BBWAA. He also has a story on a two-star athlete you may know.
Mike Hllywa on Off Base Percentage (one of my favorite blog names) trolled Jose Canseco for a day.
My buddy over at Diamond Hoggers has a great new post on the fine art of baseball heckling and how sometimes it backfires.
Hans Weisse is another of our overseas writers at Dugout 24This post tells you what he has been up to lately.
Ben's Baseball Bias has a wonderful roundtable discussion of the New York Yankees. Loved it.
The always fun Michael Clair of Old Time Family Baseball had some last minute Valentine's Day cards for you.
For my post of the day choice, Paul Sullivan of Sully Baseballwrote a tribute to Jim Fregosi. I sure wish I could have met the guy. RIP.
The Sisco Kid of Baseball Sisco Kid has a tribute to Derek Jeter, who just announced that 2014 is his last season.
My great friend, Jonathan Mitchell of MLB Dirt actually thinks that Jason Hammel can help the Cubs. Maybe I like the writer so much because he is even more of an optimist than me!
Our original Italian writer, Mario Salvini has a great Spring Training story on Earl Weaver on his Che Palle! site.
Dan Kirby, a self-professed draft junkie, gives his top 100 draft pick predictions on the ever-prolific Through the Fence Baseball site.
Bryan of Replacement Level Baseball Blog gives us a truly terrific post on the Hall of Fame standard and which current players are on their way. Epic post!
For Baseball Junkies is thinking along Bryan's line and lists the All-Decades Teams from the 1920s to the 2000s. That's a lot of work!
Theo of Hot Corner Harbor bids a fitting adieu to Lance Berkman and Michael Young.
And lastly and leastly, you can read my look at the conservative projections of Jose Fernandez here.
And remember, as you look out at the frozen tundra like that outside my window, it has to be spring somewhere...

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