Monday, June 09, 2014

MLB Game Picks - Monday: June 9, 2014

It would have been an 11-4 day if the Tigers could close out a ninth inning. But once again, they couldn't. It wasn't Joe Nathan this time, but Joba Chamberlain. Gosh, New York Yankee fans knows how that feels. And so it was a 10-5 day. Nothing to sneeze at with even a Game of the Day correct pick to add to the party. If only the Tigers could finish a win.
As for the Manny Machado thing...what a pure punk move, eh? He should be suspended for a long time and get drug tests every day for three years. That was pathetic and bush and has no place in the game.  I believe those back swings against the catcher's head was intentional too. Gosh, that's so out of control, it is breathtaking.
Monday's picks:
  • The Rays over the Mariners: The Rays finish up their series with Seattle today in the afternoon. They are now sixteen games under .500. Unbelievable. David Price should be better than Erasmo Ramirez, right? Right!?
  • The Red Sox over the Orioles: What could the rest of the Orioles be thinking? Stick up for their guy? Be mad and all get out? I would think the latter. In either case, the Red Sox should score against Bud Norris and Jake Peavy take the win.
  • The Pirates over the CubsEdwin Jackson is all over the place. How can you predict what he is going to do? You can't. I hate when he pitches. Because of that, I am going to go with Charlie Morton, which just goes to show you how messed up Jackson makes me.
  • The Reds over the DodgersTony Cingrani seemed to gather himself a bit in his last start. If so, his arm could shut down the Dodgers and be better than Dan Haren. This could go either way though, to be honest.
  • The Rangers over the IndiansT.J. House is a lefty. The Rangers have killed lefties this season. T.J. House is inexperienced. I don't think he lasts long today. I'm a little concerned about the Rangers starting Nick Martinez though.
  • The Tigers over the White SoxHector Noesi has been pitching well. I am still confounded by that. So I want to pick him here, especially since the Tigers can't close out wins. But I cannot do it. I cannot pull the trigger. I have to go with Rick Porcello.
  • The Royals over the Yankees: Words cannot describe how depressed I am about the Yankees. They can't do anything right these days. They can't hit. They don't have enough starters. The defense leaks. I can't even watch anymore. Jason Vargas over Vidal Nuno.
  • The Rockies over the Braves: I think the Rockies will score big off of Gavin Floyd. That said, how well with the Rockies' pitcher pitch? I have no idea because an unheralded rookie is making his MLB debut. His name is Christian Bergman and he is not a power arm, but he has excellent control. He has survived pitching at Colorado Springs and if he can pitch there, perhaps he can pitch at Coors.
  • The Diamondbacks over the Astros: The Astros have been killing the ball. But they lose the DH, and perhaps they have an off day against Josh Collmenter. I don't think Jarred Cosart will pitch badly and will keep his team in the game.
  • The Angels over the AthleticsGarrett Richards was shelled his last time facing the A's. But that seemed more flukish than anything and he was terrific in his next game. I like him over Jesse Chavez.
  • The Nationals over the GiantsStephen Strasburg has pitched very well at AT&T Park and his last couple of starts have been totally dominant. The Giants are very good, however, and Ryan Vogelsong has been pitching much better.
And the Game of the Day:
  • The Blue Jays over the Twins: It is unfathomable that the Blue Jays got only seven hits and no runs against the Cardinals in the last two games of that series. But they are back to having a DH and back against familiar foes. R.A. Dickey should be okay and better than Ricky Nolasco.
Yesterday: 10-5, June: 60-49, Games of the Day: 32-33, Season: 516-427

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The Yankees remind me of the lean years in the mid-80s.