Sunday, April 05, 2009

Opening Day!

Well...only one game is scheduled and the rest of the teams will open tomorrow. But still! It's opening day and Derek Anderson Lowe will face Brett Allen Myers in Philadelphia as the Phillies begin their title defense against the Atlanta Braves.

It seems only fitting that here in Maine, the robins returned just two days ago and the little wild portulaca the Fan saved from the garden, threw out its first flower yesterday on its window sill perch. After an extremely tough winter of harsh temperatures, huge snow storms and economic woes, hope begins again and baseball is a part of that and the Fan feels it in his bones.

After tonight's game, being aired on ESPN2 for those that want to watch, there will be crooked numbers in the standings. The stats page will have some real numbers and the fun will begin. Both teams playing tonight have some serious questions. Each has rotation issues. The Braves don't have an established closer. The Phillies have weaknesses at third and behind the plate and the Braves have question marks in two thirds of their outfield and two fourths of their infield. It should be interesting.

Sure enough, tomorrow will bring the full bloom to the season as all the other teams open their seasons and from now until the end of the season, the full spectrum of baseball thought and analysis will move from speculation to actuation. It's grand and it's time.

The Fan is ready!

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Josh Borenstein said...

As am I. Spring Training is refreshing at first, but this one seemed to go on forever.