Sunday, April 05, 2009

Weekly Romp Through the Transaction Wire

The Fan is all messed up. Not quite full recovered from his 40 hour internet blackout earlier in the week, he is consistently a day behind. Like jet lag for bloggers, the Fan is bleary-eyed and seriously messed up. So, though they are a day late and a dollar shortstop, here are this week's look at the transaction wire:

- Boston got down to its opening day roster. Van Every player is accounted for as Jonathan and four others were placed on the disabled list, which is beginning to look like a baseball equivilent of football's practice squad. In other Boston news, Buchholz's hopes to make the opening day roster appear to be a jar of Clay and he was sent down.

- Down in Florida, Rick VandenHurt was placed on the disabled list.

- In Houston, Abercrombe was sent to the minors and he was Fitch to be tied.

- The Fan is in deNile and can't believe that Cairo made the Phillies' opening day roster.

- Daric the Fan ask if Barton made the opening day roster? He didn't. He was sent down.

- In poetic justice to the Red Sox organization, Josh Bard made the Nationals opening day roster. In other Nationals news, the team Wil let Ledzema start the season with the big club. The Fan expected them to scratch him.

- The Nationals also ended their Mock epic and sent Garrett to Syracuse.

- The Braves' pitcher, Chris, was sent down and he hopes they don't keep Medlin with his mechanics. In other Braves' news, Brooks Conrad was also sent down river.

- The Orioles Jim Hoey wasn't digging the fact that he had to go to AA.

- The Nationals Kory Casto was a Castoff to the minors.

- The Orioles let Robby Hammock swing between the tees as they sent him down to the minors.

- Apparently, Edward wasn't Mujica to the ears for the Indians so they traded him to the Padres.

- The Twins put Scott on the disabled list for a Baker's dozen days plus two.

- In Detroit, Rapada, Raburn and Williamson were all packed like Sardinha to the minor leagues.

- The Braves went, "Here Chipper, Chipper, Chipper," and gave him three years worth of new bones. Oops. The Fan promised not to do that anymore. Bummer.

- In a singing telegram, the Indians sung: "Tell Lara we love him. Tell Lara we need him. Tell Lara not to cry. Here's a minor league contract for you and I." You have to be really old to get that one...

- Will "Busta" Rhymes was rapped to the minors by Detroit.

- And finally, Norris was sent to the Hopper as the Reds optioned the outfielder.


Anonymous said...

Wow, this is the douchiest thing I've ever read. What a waste of time!

Josh Borenstein said...

And that's the douchiest comment I've ever read.

I was surprised the Red Sox sent Buchholtz down, after he had such a strong Spring. The "Tell Lara" bit, is that from a song?

William said...

Well now, Anonymous...that's the great thing about being an American. Everyone has a right to say what they wish even if they do so without a shred of class.

And Josh, yes, "Tell Laura" was a song in about 1961 or around there somewhere. It was a period of time where Elvis was in the military, the Beatles hadn't hit yet and we were stuck with a bunch of disaster songs on the radio.

Josh Borenstein said...

I still can't believe a guy named Engelbert Humperdinck had fans.