Monday, May 04, 2009

Game Picks - Monday: May 4, 2009

Had a decent Sunday picking games. It would have been even better if Oakland hadn't blown two leads and lost in extra innings and if Scott "Home Run" Baker had pitched only six innings instead of pitching part of the seventh (he had a shutout through six and then got bombed in the seventh). Here are Monday's picks:

  • Pittsburgh over Milwaukee: Maholm has been the Pirates best pitcher and the Pirates are playing at home.
  • Nationals over Astros: Moehler is pitching for the Astros and has been dreadful so far. Lannon is probably the Nationals' best arm.
  • Tigers over the Twins: Tigers are at home and like Edwin Jackson better in the matchup with Liriano.
  • Yankees over Red Sox: Probably a wish and a prayer for Phil Hughes to have another great outing for the Yankees. Lester is due for a good game for the Red Sox, so this could be an iffy pick.
  • Cleveland over Toronto: Tallet has been great for the Blue Jays but is due for a clunker. Carmona has to throw strikes some time, right?
  • Bay Rays over Orioles: Will never pick for any team or game that Adam Eaton starts. Plus, the Bay Rays are starting to heat up.
  • Braves over Mets: How much must Javier Vazquez love pitching for Bobby Cox after the years of ego bruising he got in Chicago from Ozzie Guillen? John Maine hasn't been sharp for the Mets.
  • Marlins over the Reds: Harang is a warrior, but Josh Johnson is the better pitcher.
  • Giants over the Cubs: Have picked against Dempster every time and have been right every time. Got to keep that streak going.
  • White Sox over the Royals: Greinke isn't going to go the whole season without a loss. He's got to lose some time. Might as well be against the White Sox.
  • Phillies over the Cardinals: The schedule says Lohse is supposed to pitch for the Cardinals, but the Fan heard he was hurt or something.
  • Padres of the Rockies: The opposite of Dempster. Have picked for the Padres every time Correia has pitched and need to keep that streak going too.
  • Angels over the A's: Oakland will be demoralized by losing a fifteen inning game they should have won plus they will be exhausted. Saunders is the Angels' best pitcher.
  • Diamondbacks over the Dodgers: Like the matchup of Davis over Stultz. Plus, the Dodgers have to lose at home some time, right?
  • Texas over Seattle: This is probably a dumb pick as King Felix Hernandez is a much better matchup over Kevin Millwood. But the Mariners are coming off a fifteen inning game where they used all their relievers.

Yesterday's record: 8-4. Week's Record: 8-4.

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Francisco Serrano said...

Putting my money on Toronto and Detroit today.

I always watch a game util the last out but yesterday i closed when the A's scored. Can't beleive I missed that comeback, first time I do this, even at the ball park I would stay until the last pitch. I still dont know how the M's won. Good thing for my bank account though.