Sunday, May 03, 2009

Who Should Retire - Finale

Have you ever started something you wish you hadn't? And then once you started, you had to finish it whether you wanted to or not? Well, this series of posts is one of those deals. It's a negative subject: What players who are currently playing shouldn't be and should get out of the game? Nice eh? Well, let's knock this thing off and be done with it then.

- Ron Belliard: This Washington National utility player has been playing forever. Despite some decent numbers last year and the year before (who knew?), he's now 34, is no longer even a decent fielder and is currently batting .167 in 24 At Bats without a single extra base hit.

- Michael Barrett: This catcher currently toiling for the Blue Jays, is, frankly, terrible. Why do catchers get to hang around longer than any other field position other than relief pitching? Barrett is only 32, but he's finished as a good catcher (if he ever was a good one). He has averaged an OPS+ of 58 (remember that 100 is league average) the last three years and currently sits at 39. Plus, he throws out base runners less often than Mike Piazza. do the math.

- Eddie "Every Day" Guardado: Eddie is now 39 years old. Not old by LOOGY standards, but even an old LOOGY has to get a guy out once in a while. Every Day Eddie has pitched 5.1 innings in 10 appearances (typical LOOGY work load) but has given up 15 base runners. His ERA is over 10. Enjoy "Every Day" on the golf course, Eddie.

- Troy Percival: The guy has the heart of a lion, but at 39, how much pain and uncertainty is worth not only him but his team? Great guy, great career. Retire again, please.

- Jamie Burke: Face it, the Mariners have a few old guys. Griffey should be retired, but we all wanted him to play one more year. Understood. But Jamie Burke? He's 37. He's a utility player that cannot hit and he's a liability in the field.

- Rich Aurilia: He had a last gasp last year with a pretty decent season at the age of 36. But now a year older, he looks toasted and his 13 OPS+ looks like he's done.

- Eric Chavez: Only 31, has any player looked more like a poster boy of the "once-was-but-will-no-longer-be" club? The guy is cooked, done, baked, overpaid. It's a waste of a roster spot. Make it easier on everyone, Mr. Chavez. Walk away. And take 38 year-old Jason Giambi with you.

- And last but not least: Any player named Hairston.


Francisco Serrano said...

Did you mentioned my favorite player when i was growing up Omar Vizquel?

William said...

Francisco: Omar Vizquel is certainly past his best years, but I think he can still contribute and is in a perfect spot in Texas to help young Elvis Andrus. So, no, I don't think he should retire yet. He's batting over .300. Thanks for the comment.

Josh Borenstein said...

The problem with Percival retiring is the Rays actually need him right now. But next year he should definitely consider hanging them up.