Monday, October 05, 2009

Game Picks - Monday: October 5, 2009 - Finale!

We all got a bonus this baseball season. Two teams are going to play 163 games instead of 162. The Tigers and the Twins will square off to decide who gets to play the Yankees in the first round of the playoffs. Now there is a tempting prize eh? Before we get to that final game, let's take a fond look back at the picks throughout the season.

The Fan started picking games in late May. On a lark, the Fan picked a slate of games that day. A comment from a reader mentioned how much he liked the picks and hoped the Fan would do a picks post daily. Not one to let a request go unfulfilled, the Fan did indeed post picks every day from that point out. There wasn't one missed day or one missed opportunity to put the Fan's knowledge to the test. Some commenters over these past few months were kind. Others questioned the Fan's sanity. That's part of the gig. If you are going to faithfully write every day, then there will be those who like what you do and those that won't.

The Fan has gotten progressively better at picking as the season went on. What follows is the month by month and total picks.

  • Jun: 204-203 .501
  • Jul: 180-186 .491
  • Aug: 201-196 .506
  • Sep: 230-168 .577
  • Oct: 28-27 .509
  • Tot: 843-780 .523

All of which goes to show that baseball is unpredictable. On any given night, anything can happen and as one commenter said many weeks ago, sooner or later, the picker will come back to the mean.

It is hoped that those of you who followed along didn't lose any money betting on the picks here. That would have been brutal, eh? But if you did follow along, thanks for the daily stop and we'll start it all up again in the spring. But for one last time, the Fan has a regular season pick to make:

  • The Twins over the Tigers: In four of the last five single game playoffs to decide a division winner, the home team has won. The Twins are the home team. Porcello has been fantastic this year. But he has to pitch one more game than he should have had to. The Tigers may bring back Jackson but it's not going to matter. The Twins will win. It's too bad that one of these teams has to go home after the game. Remember, this game will be played on Tuesday and not Monday.

Thanks again everybody.

Yesterday: 8-7
Week: 8-7
Month: 28-27

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