Wednesday, December 09, 2009

Brewers Get a Wolf in Sheets Clothing

The Brewers found out the hard way last year that losing your two best starters (Sabathia and Sheets) at the same time is a good way to kill a season. Determined to do better this time around in that department, the Brewers are said to have signed Randy Wolf (recently of the Dodgers) to a three year contract. For those of you who think this may be another Suppan-type boondoggle, the two pitchers (those similar in age) are nothing alike.

Wolf has a 108 career ERA+. He averages 7.4 strikeouts per nine innings good for a 2.29 K/BB ratio. Suppon has a 98 career ERA+, a 5.2 strikeouts per nine rate and a 1.62 K/BB ratio. Plus, Wolf seems to be getting better while Suppan has been regressing year by year. Of course, Wolf could get hurt or he could fall apart, but for now, this deal looks good on paper.

Plus, if you think Wolf had a great season because he pitched half his games in Dodger Stadium, he also pitched great in the little bandbox in Houston the year before. Wolf is an underrated performer and the Brewers did the right thing.

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Josh Borenstein said...

The Brew Crew desperately needs SP. Other than Gallardo, they have no one. This was a good move. But they're still one or two quality SP short of seriously competing in that division, IMO. Manny Parra needs to step up, and Dave Bush needs to duplicate 2008.