Wednesday, December 09, 2009

Pettitte Gets a New Deal

Andy Pettitte will wear the pinstripes for one more season at least. He and the Yankees agreed on a one year contract worth $11.75 million. That's a raise over last year when he proved this writer and others wrong by having a great season and a great post season. Pettitte set the all time record for post season wins and won the clinching game in all three of the Yankees' post season series. Not bad for a pitcher this writer called mediocre a year ago. He was so mediocre that he saved the Yankees high paid buttocks.

The Fan is also warming up to the Granderson idea. He is a tremendous guy and should fit right in with a winning team. Last year could have been a one-fer and he could bounce back to the outstanding player he was three seasons ago. It still doesn't seem like a good idea to give up a top prospect like Austin Jackson (isn't that a great baseball name too?). And you have to feel bad for guys like Melky Cabrera and Brett Gardner who will not ever get the chance to work centerfield for the Yankees. Gardner still seems to have promise, though he is not aggressive enough on fastballs in the strike zone. But man, can that guy run and play centerfield!

In the Fan's perfect world, Granderson would play left and Gardner would play center, but that will never happen. Gardner doesn't have enough buzz and probably not enough upside for the Yankees to give him 500 at bats.

Yankee fans should feel good about Pettitte coming back to their team and providing those 200 or so solid innings as the third guy in the rotation. It's a comforting thing, you know?


Steve G. said...

Gardner doesn't have enough power to consistently play in the majors. You need at least the threat of some extra base power to keep defenses honest, otherwise, balls that fall in for singles for others are caught by the outfield because they can just cheat in so much. See the subpar careers of "no power" center fielders Jason Tyner and Joey Gathright as examples.

Josh Borenstein said...

I never like to give the Yankees FO credit for anything, but this was an excellent move by Cashman. Granderson is an excellent addition, and they didn't have to give up too much. Jackson could be good. But personally I think he's been overhyped. Montero, on the other hand, is a special talent. He should be untouchable, IMO.

bobook said...

Don't be surprised if Gardner is given a chance in center. I've heard it said Granderson would be better as a corner outfielder and Gardner's speed and defense make him a threat if he could up his OBP. One of the comments I keep reading is what a quality guy is Granderson and good character contributes greatly. Seems like a good trade and glad to have Andy back one more year-- go Yanks!