Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Message to MLB.com

The last post led to one more thought. The Fan is in love with MLB.com. After all, isn't it wonderful to be able to watch games on the computer over the Internet for just a few dollars a month? Sure it is. It's great. But now that they are hiring big time writers, it's time to change a few things over there.

When Peter Gammons was with ESPN.com, you could bookmark his home page and blogs like this one could have automatic links to that page. But try to find Gammons on MLB.com's site, the Fan dares you. It's impossible. But once you do find him, it's only a link to one of his articles. If you want more, then there is a little drop down box under the heading for his archive.

Well how about this idea. Put his archive on its own site page so we can link to it. Well duh. That's hardly a new idea. And forget about it if you want to figure out what Hal Bodley's latest piece is. Isn't it funny how some site can be so progressively cool in some areas and so utterly stupid in others? ESPN.com is far from perfect either. Have you ever tried to comment on one of the articles or posts and were not signed in? Yeesh. What a nightmare that turns into.

But to have Peter Gammons as an invisible ghost or a needle in a haystack is a sad waste of whatever it is MLB.com is paying him (and the Fan is sure he isn't cheap). So ...pssst ... MLB.com... FIX IT. Please.

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