Saturday, February 27, 2010

Why Did it Take So Long?

A story published by indicates that Felipe Lopez has signed a one year contract. Why did it take so long? Lopez is a steal for the Cardinals and if they were smart, they would install him at second base full time and let him play.

Lopez is as good an offensive player as Skip Schumaker and can field second base in circles around last year's Cardinal second baseman. Neither have much for power, but Lopez is a far superior glove man and he has learned some patience at the plate shown by his 71 walks of a year ago.

It's still hard to figure. Lopez is only 30 years old and is far superior than anything the Mets are going to employ. He's probably better than the current second baseman for about eight or nine teams. It's true that Lopez is not a good shortstop, but he doesn't have to be.

The Cardinals are simply great at these kinds of personnel moves and it's no wonder that other teams in their division will have difficulty catching them.

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