Monday, February 15, 2010

President's Day All Star Team

Since it is President's Day here in the United States, a holiday that means that the government and the banks are closed, but most everyone else is still working, it might be fun to come up with an all President All Star Team. Come up with your own if you can think of those that were missed.

  • DH - Joe Carter
  • LP - Whitey Ford
  • RP - Grover Cleveland Alexander
  • C - Terry Kennedy
  • 1B - Benjamin ("Ben") Harrison Taylor - Negro League player/manager in the Hall of Fame
  • 2B - Jack Roosevelt Robinson - Jackie Robinson!
  • SS - Derrel McKinley Harrelson - You'd know him as Bud Harrelson
  • 3B - Travis Jackson
  • OF - Otis Nixon or Willie Wilson
  • OF - George Washington Case - three time All Star in the 40s
  • OF - Joseph Jefferson Jackson - Shoeless Joe!
** Update: Hey! This guy had the same idea. Except he probably did it better. How could the Fan forget Gary Carter?

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