Friday, April 02, 2010

Tribute to Mrs. Fan

If there were ever two peas in a pod, it's in the Fan's house. And today, the Fan wants to take a moment and celebrate Mrs. Fan who celebrates the 51st anniversary of her birth. Two more months from now a new celebration will begin as it will mark the 10th year of an extraordinary marriage.

Mrs. Fan never cared for baseball until that marriage. Now she roots for the Fan's favorite team just as gustily. Her favorite is the catcher. She just likes him a lot. She really likes the shortstop and the closer too.

Mrs. Fan has really proved the "for better or for worse" thing. There have been incredible highs and lately, incredible lows. But it's all good because as long as both are faced together with one resolve and one heart, there will be proof of the Fan's favorite bible verse: "And it came to pass..." This too shall pass. And there will be better days.

Mrs. Fan just seems to get it when it comes to caring for others. She just knows how to make someone else the center of the universe which is all a person can ask for. She has her quirks. She can't hear in one ear, so that takes a bit of planning in seating arrangements. She has a bad wheel as a knee replacement didn't work out very well. And that combined with her penchant for losing her balance momentarily (no doubt due to the ear thing) earns her the pet name of, "Weeble." But those quirks are endearing, which is the true test of this marriage after all.

Mrs. Fan encourages the Fan to play golf on a nice day (how many wives do that!?). She is always pleased when the Fan buys a rare article of new clothing. She likes the Fan's cooking a lot, but doesn't like the puns. Oh well, nothing is perfect. She also defends the dog when the Fan is less than pleased with it. Well, somebody has to look out for the little guy.

Mrs. Fan has two degrees, one in nursing, which she did for over two dozen years and one in teaching. She could make a lot more money nursing, but her knee is a problem. But she loves teaching. She has taught art at the middle school for six years. The kids adore her. Everywhere she goes, they come running with big expectant smiles to see her. But art is always a luxury for a government and when they can't afford it anymore, it's always the first thing to get cut. Heaven forbid that they cut down on the sports expenses. So her job was eliminated in recent budget cuts. Hopefully, she'll catch on as a teacher in another subject. The principal thinks it's a good possibility. But she really enjoys art and it's a real shame.

So anyway, today is her birthday and that makes it a very special day. Because the Fan is sure blessed that she was born today all those years ago. Happy Birthday, Baby.

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