Sunday, March 28, 2010

Tripping Through the Transactions - 2

This is the time of year that gets really tough for major league hopefuls as the nail biting has long begun on who will head north with their teams and who will be left behind. There were some surprises. But you weren't expecting a serious look at the week's transactions were you? Oops if you were because here at the FanDome, we trip on the transactions in our own unique way. Here we go.

  • Andres Blanco didn't wine when the Cubs traded him to Texas.
  • Heard someone Seay that Detroit's pitcher, Bobby, was headed to the disabled list. Zach Minor's injury was major enough to put him on the disabled list too. The Fan thinks that MLB needs to make a rule where all Zacks and Zachs agree to spell their name the same.
  • Meanwhile, over at Minnesota's camp, Mike is headed to the minors like a Maroth to a flame. Also, the Twins don't seem invested in Dennis Lehmann and they sent him down. Ben Revere will also be riding to a different destination.
  • At the Athletics' complex, Michael seems to be Taylor-made but is driving to a lower level of play. Last year it appeared that pitcher Vin's career path was straight as a Mazzaro, but his quiver is empty and he's headed to the minors.
  • Cardinals' pitcher, Adam, will have to make his Ottovino-mobile trip to Memphis. Wow, that was bad, no?
  • Derek Holland tried like heck to have his tulips remain shut when he was told he was being demoted. Craig Gentry was also sent down. Shouldn't someone with his last name be playing for the Royals?
  • As written about here, Duente Heath would have used a sheath, but since he was going to pay for that usage, he is suspended.
  • In Baltimore, one family's Stockstill is rising as David and John were given directorships.
  • Also in Orioles' news, infielder Hughes thought it was sillier than a nursery Rhyne that he was being sent down after his hard work. The Orioles also laid the groundwork for Florimon and finally for the Orioles, Sarfate it is for me to say, but Dennis never had a shot to make the team.
  • Meanwhile, the Red Sox spit out one LOOGY out as Shouse is outta the house, but they swallowed another one as Scott Schoeneweis was signed to replace him.
  • The Cubs were busy. Pitcher John wasn't Gaubs full of good feelings when he learned his fate. As for Chirinos, Robinson grew so frustrated when he didn't make the team. Pitcher Bobby just can't get the Scales tipped in his favor when it comes to his major league career. Darwin Barney lost the survival of the fittest when he was sent down. And finally, the Cubs said Ariv-Adduci to Jim.
  • At the Marlins' camp, Andrew Miller's hopes were sawed off when he had to go to the minors.
  • In the Astros' complex, Oswaldo was assassinated via demotion, Navarro to return. And Wesley spoke to God because he didn't think it was Wright that he had to go to the minors.
  • The Red Sox paid cash to the Giants to get a present for their Frandsen.
  • Jon Jay will fly to Memphis.
  • The Brewers didn't want to put their pitcher at Riske, so David is on the disabled list.
  • The Yankees of New York naturally have that accent. That said, they took Chad out of their Gaudin and put him the compost pile.
  • Seattle's Mike will take a magic Carp-et ride to the minors.
  • Pitcher, Ron, Mahay pitch for the Twins or he Mahay not as he signed a minor league contract.
  • The market for Hernan was Inbarren as he cleared waivers.
  • Edwar, what is he good for? Absolutely something as the Rangers got Petit in a trade for Ramirez.
  • The White Sox were busy. Jordan said, Danks a lot, when he was sent down. Brent didn't like the Morel of his story when he heard the same news. Oh, and Ryan Braun was sent down...WHAT!? Oh wait, it's a different one.

There were more, but the Fan senses you aren't having pun anymore, so we'll wrap it up here. Have a good week!

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Josh Borenstein said...

You finished strong with Mahay and Edwar. Bobby Scales isn't a pitcher.