Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Game Picks - Wednesday: October 27, 2010

The fascinating World Series between the Texas Rangers and the San Franciso Giants begins today with the marque match up of Lincecum versus Lee. The series starts in San Francisco since the National League won the All Star Game. Any logical way of looking at this series favors the Rangers. They have the better offense, they have just as good a starting staff as the Giants, a slightly better defense (except for Vlad having to play the field) and are just short in the bullpen compared to the Giants. But those things are meaningless in a seven game series where anything can happen.

Tim Lincecum was actually better on the road this year than he was at home. Cliff Lee over his entire career has fared better at home than on the road. The Rangers won 90 games this season and the Giants 92. Since the series began back in the dawn of the 20th Century, the team with the worse record in the World Series has won the series 52 out of 101 attempts (three times both teams had the same record). In three games pitched against the Giants in his career, Cliff Lee has given up a slash line of: 159/.193/.256. But in the end, none of that will matter. It will all come down to who gets the hit in the right spot or who gets the break they need when they need it. Let's all hope that the games won't hinge on a bad umpire call.

But the Fan has to pick a winner for Game One...

- The Giants over the Rangers: Lincecum cancels out Lee and the Giants' bullpen wins the game. Josh Hamilton is hampered by the incredible dimensions in San Francisco.

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